Baby's Song

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Baby's Song

Since I've been pregnant the Jason Mraz song "93 Million Miles" has ALWAYS made me cry, it makes me think of my baby girl so I could never keep a dry eye every time it comes on, and Jason Mraz is my all time favorite! ... My mom and sister also love Jason and know how much this song reminds me of the baby, so in turn it makes them think of her too - so much so that when I walked into my baby shower they had the song playing!

...WELL, my point is, i just read that this is Jason's next single and the video for it is premiering on VH1 THIS Saturday! imagine that, it's coming out the week of her due date! I just watched the video online and of course again, i was bawling!
i keep thinking, hmm... maybe this is a sign... maybe she's coming! LOL...

here's the video for anyone interested:

"93 Million Miles" by Jason Mraz | Music Video |