Back after a brief hiatus

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Back after a brief hiatus

Hey girls!!!
I hope you've all been doing great! Biggrin

i just haven't been coming on the computer much, but my due date has changedf rom November 18 to November 24, my next ultra sound is May 16 (it's only my 2nd one), so it'll be the first time i hear the heart beat and REALLY see him/her! I CAN'T WAIT! That will be my 12 week sonogram.

I've been having a lot of exhaustion days - then up days, it ebbs and flows i guess. i've only gotten sick about 4 times, so i guess i'm lucky, i just don't feel like eating anything but the worst part is i DO feel hungry! so that is getting a bit frustrating. I hope what everyone says is true about the 2nd trimester being wonderful, i'm almost there! and i'll feel closer to seeing my bump by the time I ge there.
still no baby bump, but gained 5 lbs!

I took up exercising, but so far for the past few weeks have only done it 2x per week, so i guess i need to step that up a little and get more serious about taking walks.

well thats my update Smile

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YAY!!! I was wondering where you went. Glad to hear that everything is going well Smile

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Glad everything is going well. Smile

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Glad to have you back and to hear that things are going well!

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glad you are back. i am going to try to write on here more frequently, too. i hope you continue to feel better!