Back from vacation!

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Back from vacation!

DH and I went away to Delaware for a week - and got back yesterday - i have a lot of reading to do on here! LOL.

It was our summer vacation and i guess you could say also our 'baby-moon', it was perfect. we had such a great time, i am so sad that DH has to go back to work tomorrow, i will miss him! he goes back to work, I don't have to watch my 7 year old niece anymore, and my sister is going back to work as a teacher and leaving her baby girl with a sitter so now everyone is leaving me! i will be alone until baby girl comes!

some websites say i'm in 3rd trimester and some say it starts at 28 weeks (next week), what does everyone else go by?

of course i read something on one of my friends FB pages that i wish i hadn't (well not really a friend, she is my cousins wife, so she's family) i think she's about 33 and my cousins is about 36 and they are pregnant as well, they just announced it! she is 19 weeks, so just 2 months behind me! i'm so happy for them... but she had an article posted on her page about father's ages being a big impact on the child having autism or schizephrenia, and it has be a little upset because my husbadn is 44 (we have a bit of an age gap), but i am keeping positive and i know my little girl will be just fine. i saw a geneticist in the beginning of my pregnancy and he said that there were no studies confirmed in father's age but they are looking more into it, and it may be more of 50+ males...

anyway - other than that since our summer getaway is over i am fully ready for my favorite season, AUTUMN!!! im burning my Fall yankee candles as we speak and I am just dying for the cooler weather, apple picking, and all of that!

September is so filled up with stuff to do for baby that I am just itching for it to begin! we bought the paint for her room today and next weekend DH is going to paint it - then the weekend after that we are going shopping with my Mom to get her crib!

well i will end my babbeling here --i've missed you all! hope you're all doing well!

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Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation Smile I am with you on being ready for it to be autumn. I am so excited for the cooler weather lol. I wouldnt read anything into that article. The truth is, they have no clue what causes autism. From what I have learned, its really luck of the draw.. yes, there is some genetic factors, but its all being studied. Even if your little girl has autism (it tends to effect more boys than girls) you will love her so much, and will just adjust to her needs. There is a huge stigma with autism. I have a couple friends with autistic kids, and have worked with a couple, and they are all so unique. any who. as far as schizophrenia goes, unless you have a strong family history (on either side) I wouldnt be too too worried about that either.

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Glad you had a great vacation! Smile

I think maternal age (and therefore egg quality) plays a much bigger role than father's age - they can keep making healthy sperm/babies long past 44! While I'm sure age is a factor, how big of a factor is it really? Sometimes these studies phrase things to make them seem like a much bigger deal than they are. I've noticed with VBAC information some articles are like "10 times more likely to rupture!!!" which in reality the actual numbers for this "10 times" is still less than 1%. All about how they want to spin it.

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Welcome back!! Im glad that you had such a good time!! I agree that maternal age has more to do with it than paternal age! I dont think that you have anything to worry about! Your baby girl will be just perfect Smile