Being Lazy and feeling GUILTY for it!

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Being Lazy and feeling GUILTY for it!

I have done nothing but lay around since Saturday and this makes me feel really guilty... Does anyone else get like that?

Like, for example today I swore I was going to go for my regular walk because the weather is GORGEOUS, but I woke up at 7:00 because I was hungry, ate breakfast and went back to bed until 11:30... then I figured, maybe I'll go after lunch... but no such luck... I ate lunch and just still felt TIRED and unmotivated.

Now I am still just sitting around in my pajamas watching TV (well I have dinner started at least)... This just makes me feel guilty, I know eventually I'll get out for a walk whether it's tonight or even tomorrow.

I have been feeling much better about the whole weight thing and I guess me being lazy effects how I feel with the weight gain--like when I walk at least I know I am doing something about the weight gain, you know?

I have my monthly check up tomorrow and so far I've only gained 2.7 lbs (it was only 7 ounches until yesterday! I swear the weight creeps on RIGHT BEFORE my doctor visits!)... This is exactly what happened last month and then all of the sudden over night I gained another 2.5 lbs, so I'm crossing my fingers that doesn't happen this time but if it does, it does - I'm not going to get myself all upset like last time, no way. After this there are only 2 months left.

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This is me, too. I have so much on my list to do and I can't seem to get any of it done! All I want to do is rest and lay down!

Don't feel guilty - baby is doing a lot of growing right now and that takes a lot of energy!! You'll get your walk in, even if it's not today (or even tomorrow!). The most important thing is keeping her happy and healthy for the next couple of months Smile

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I know just what you mean. I have so much to do, kids to run after, and so on, but just dobt have any energy. I am pissy, emotional, and just plain blah. My kids had fun playing in the water this weekend, and I sat in a chair and watched. I feel huge, and clumsy, and get out of breath so easily. I want wee dude to stay on at least 5 more weeks, if not a bit longer, I just wish that in the mean time I could do the things I need to comfortably...

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I completely understand! I have NO energy lately. I start a task and then 10 minutes in I have to take a break. I laid down the other day and thought I'd rest for just a few minutes and the next thing I knew I woke up 2 hours later. I feel guilty because DH has been taking up the slack and has been really understanding. But like Erin said, our bodies are working overtime right now and supporting 2 people. We're getting close though, so hang in there and allow yourself to rest when you need to!

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I hear ya! I have not been wanting to do anything lately... I have definitely been feeling guilty about it as well but it has not gotten me out and exercising though... LOL

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You're allowed to rest and be lazy. After getting out of work all day long, I end up getting next to nothing done. I have no energy! I hope that nesting starts soon, because our house is starting to look like a bomb went off in it. The kids tend not to put things back where they belong and then the clutter just migrates from room to room. I can't keep up.