Being sick and preggo...

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Being sick and preggo...

BLOWS! Im so sick of this cold already! I cant take anything to help me and I have been such a crabby monster these past few days! UGH! Anyone have any good remedies?? Its just a cold, but I feel miserable!

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I find tea, with honey and a touch of bourbon(like a tablespoon) to be helpfully although it might be controversial :). tea hydrates, honey soothes, bourbon kills the crud. I haven't been sick this time, but with Ellie I had the worst case of bronchitis. I wanted to die!

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So sorry you are feeling so miserable! Have you tried steam? Sitting in the bathroom with hot water running in the shower might help, even if you can only manage a few minutes. I also agree with some hot tea, as hot as you can drink it.

I am not sick, but have been crabby, hormonal, and generally just an emotional wreck the past week! Poor DH...

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((hugs)) i can sympathize - with my son's pregnancy I got a horrible cold at 32ish weeks that didn't go away completely till after he was born. Mine got really pretty bad - I sounded like I was coughing up a lung for 6 weeks! Just do whatever you can to provide relief and eat foods high in vitamin c and zinc. If your nose is bothering you saline solution can work miracles!