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Thinking of you! Any news? ((((hugs)))) with lots of thoughts and prayers!

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Ditto Marie!

I've been thinking about you....hope all is going well and that m/s is keeping you away. ((HUGS))

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Me too!! Just Did a search this morning to see if I've missed an update. Hope all is well. ((hugs))


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I've been thinking of you too, praying tomorrow's u/s brings good news.

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Aww I'm so glad Marie started this thread I was thinking of doing the same. I hope your u/s goes well tomorrow and brings you wonderful news. Been thinking about you and praying for you so much. How are you feeling? Things still seem to be on track? Hugs sweetie!

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I was checking in with the same question. Hope all is well!

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Been thinking of you also...I hope the u/s tomorrow goes well.

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Thank you so much ladies! Your support means a lot Smile I'm nervous but anxious for tomorrow. Preparing for bad news but praying for a miracle. Just don't feel pregnant. Felt a little off the last few days but nothing like I did with the boys. Time will tell. My appt is at 10 in the morning so I'll update when I get home. Thanks again for all the thoughts and prayers!

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:goodluck: Maybe you feel different because it's a girl this time. My sister has 2 girls and a boy and she said the boy pregnancy was very different from the girl one. (I have no idea because I only have boys too)

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Thinking lots of positive thoughts for you my friend!

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I will be thinking of you tomorrow! I am praying for a great u/s

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Praying for you!!!! Been like the other ladies thinking of you constantly.

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I think CresentMoon is on to something. It's gotta be a little girl in there stirring up trouble! Smile Thinking of you! ((((hugs))))

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good luck Belinda!! STICK BABY STICK

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Thank you for checking in! Good luck tomorrow!! Biggrin

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Good luck tomorrow Belinda!! I am praying for you!!

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T&P to you!!!!

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Hoping and praying everything goes great for you tomorrow!

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(((Hugs))) Good luck today Belinda. Smile

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Checking in on yOu. Everything crossed for great news!

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Good luck today! T & P coming your way.