belly aches

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belly aches

I am starting to notice some pains in the sides of my bellies, a feeling of it extending, and itching. I know this is just signs of growing... I just feel like I am already huge, and that with the way things are going, I am going to be ginormous this time lol. I also do feel that this baby is on the smaller side... that its just my body doing the fast growing and not the baby. None of my kids were big, Ds1 was my biggest at 6lbs, but I do feel that this baby is going to be little like DD... I guess we shall see. I just worry that if my uterus expands too much that it will get "irritable" and that the preterm contractions will start up. Tomorrow we leave on our vacation, and with all of the driving, my sciatic, and the craziness of the trip, I am just getting more and more anxious, and this is just yet another thing to add to the heap. I am really trying not to focus on negative things, worst case scenarios, but I just cant seem to turn my brain off Sad

On a lighter note... Today I stopped at a garage sale (yes, I know, I am obsessed) and found some new born baby boy clothes I actually like. I have been having a hard time looking at boy clothes... nothing seems to float my boat. But, having gotten rid of all of my boys stuff after finding out DD was, well, a DD, I got rid of all of my boy stuff. At that point we thought that she was our last lol. I do still feel that this baby is more than likely a girl, but you just never know. And, at .25 an item, all fuzzy warm things, great for the cold months, how could I not get some stuff??? Plus, if I am right, and this is a doe and not a buck, I can always sell it at the garage sale my sister and I are having the end of July, or August Smile

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Have a great vacation! Take your tennis ball to sit on some in the car - bet it would help keep your bum from falling asleep, too (mine always seems to). I hear you on the growing...last night I felt like my belly was stretched to the max and was feeling pretty uncomfortable, so I know this little one is going through a big time growth spurt right now. I escaped stretch marks with my last 2, but I think I might see some starting, boo! Sad Figures, with how much I feel stretched already. Definitely worse at night; I don't feel quite as big in the mornings! so that's when I try to schedule my OB checks Wink hehe