Best Mother's Day present EVER!!!!!!!!!!

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Best Mother's Day present EVER!!!!!!!!!!

Okay maybe not ever, but I'm super stoked about it!! Biggrin 2 years ago a gasket in my dishwasher broke, we couldn't find a replacement for the gasket and the whole arm piece costs 70$ so we never repaired it. I live in a rental so it was a portable dishwasher because our landlords wouldn't let us put one in. Well we moved and took it with us just to use it as extra counter space in our new house, which also doesn't have a dishwasher (seriously they remodeled the entire kitchen but never put one in....). Today my mom showed up with a brand new Kenmore portable dishwasher for me!! She may drive me completely nuts at times but wow was this a blessing. They retail for around 500-800$ so we were trying to find the best deal, our local kmart had a floor model on sale forever and they couldn't sell it so my mom gave them her info and the guy called her and said he would sell it to her for 150$! That's even cheaper than buying a used one on craigslist. I am sooooo excited to not have to hand wash my dishes anymore. My phone is dead so I can't take a pic of it but it's really nice, it's a discontinued model but still pretty new. It's this one.

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Congrats!!! That's going to make life so much easier for you! Smile

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YAY! That is definitely worth bragging about!
The house we're living in now (just moved here in March) is the first house in 4 years that had a working dishwasher. They all had dishwashers, but they never worked! The sad part is that we lived on base for 2 of those years and was told the entire time that they would replace it...but yet it never happened! I hated that all my neighbors had working dishwashers but us and we paid more money (same size house) since DH was of a higher rank than all of our neighbors!
Meanwhile my ILs kept telling us that a dishwasher is a luxury and no one needs one. But would they offer to help wash all the extra dishes when they came to visit when I was less than a week post partum after a c/s? Of course not. :roll:

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That's awesome! Sometimes I find myself wishing we had two's like the dishes come out of nowhere! Your life will be so much easier now, I'm sure!

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YAY for mom Smile

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that is awesome! I can't believe they didn't put a dishwasher in. that is really odd.

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Lucky lady!!! I am getting one from a friend when she moves in June and I can not wait!!!!

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We don't have one either, but because of Ellie's illness several generous sponsors got together an are replacing our stove, countertop, and putting in a dishwasher. I ordered everything today! We live in a 1950s ranch that was my husband's grandmothers and have been working on updating it, but it doesn't have a dishwasher at all, I haven't had one in 5 years! I am so excited!

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That is an awesome gift! I haven't had a dishwasher in several years and I reeeeeally miss it. I get so tired of washing dishes by hand Sad

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Yeah! When we moved in November we discovered our new dishwasher worked, but not quite as well as our previous one. It had to be switched over to the next cycle several times. Thankfully it was under warranty and Sears kept coming out till it was fixed for good. It still looks lousy on the inside (the plastic burnt off and it has rust stains underneath) but it works well. And I am forever grateful for that dishwasher.

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That is fantastic!!!! I'd LOVE dishwasher! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!