Bi-Weekly NST's

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Bi-Weekly NST's

I developed GD and this was the first week testing my sugars, so I called and left a message with all my numbers this morning.

I was called back this afternoon because 4 out of 7 day's my fasting numbers were too high (I've been eating almost the same menu all week and noticed that my fasting number's were getting up there). They've decided to put me on glyburide to be taken before bed to see if that helps my fasting numbers.

Now I have to go to the hospital on Tuesdays and Thursdays to have NST's done, plus my normal OB appointments. I think I am going to feel like I live at the hospital (I work right across the street, so I already feel like I am in the area all the time). I did this with my DS as well but I didn't develop GD until 34 weeks so much later, than this.

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Aww, that stinks. Sad My OB wanted me to have weekly NSTs for IUGR, but I convinced him that every other week would be fine, so I'm not in there nearly as often as you will be - and I do feel sometimes like I live in the doctor's office! Hang in there, just another couple months!

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I had to do NST's with all 3 of my older kids. With DD it was every other day from the time she was 33 weeks till I was induced at 36.5 because her amnio levels were low. It got kinda old, but it def. put my mind at ease

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BOO! Sad

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Ugh that does not sound fun at all! I hope that your number regulate and that baby does just fine!