the big u/s is friday!!

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the big u/s is friday!!

My ob doesn't have it scheduled till I'm almost 22 weeks and I'm impatient so we are going to a 3d u/s to have it done. I'm so excited I can hardly wait!

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Jealous!!! Theres nowhere around here at ALL to do early U/S!! They make you go to your doc first :(:(:(

9 more days til mine finally!! nervous!!!

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YAY!!! That is great Smile I have to wait till July 6th... ugg. Hoping that I can talk my OB into taking a peek before then... just to be sure that there arent two in there lol. I havent even called her yet to tell her what I heard, oops. I guess I'm not too too worried about there being twins, but it would be a good excuse to take an early peek Wink

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My official amnio date is June 21 so we're kinda hoping they can tell at that sonogram but if they can't they said we'd know within two weeks of that. So anytime between June 21 and July 5 we'll know what we're having.

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FUN!! Can't wait to read your report. Smile

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yay grats! I have a feeling they'll make me wait until almost July 11th (20 weeks exactly) for my big u/s Sad I think I'm going to go to peek a baby on June 19th (17weeks) to find out early! Biggrin

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Oh wow! Biggrin

My anatomy scan is in 3 weeks I felt that was pretty soon! lol!

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So exciting!!!

We find out in 2 weeks, my ob thought he saw boy parts at my 13wk u/s, so I can't wait to confirm it.