Birthday is tomorrow!

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Birthday is tomorrow!

Can't believe this day is almost here! In less than 24 hours my lil guy will be here! I'm nervous and anxious this time around. DS was an emergence c section, DD was early and a surprise we were to have her that day so Ididn't need to prepare for anything. This time I made it to my scheduled C date and I'm so ancy. Just finished with all the pre op blood work and meds at the hospital. Now to get a good nights sleep.......yea right!

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How exciting! Good luck and I hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow! Can't wait to see pics! Smile

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Ahhhhhh!! How excitingg!!! Good luck tomorrow hun!!!!

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Good luck!! Try and rest up-you've got a busy day ahead. Wink Can't wait to see the pics!

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Good luck! I never sleep the night before!

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I hope you get some good rest and I can't wait to hear about your new sweetie (and see pictures of course too Lol

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Yay yay yay, so exciting Smile

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Hope everything is going well today. Smile

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yay! thats wonderful, good luck! can't wait to hear about it and see pics!

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Good luck today!!!!

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congratulations! i can't wait to hear an update! i hope all is well.

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I texted my birth buddy this but figured out how to copy amd paste from my phone. Hope this works:
Cristiano is here! had my scheduled c section however I woke up at 1amish contracting and my mucous plug out and bleeding. By 5am they were 2 mins apart and intense. Called L and D and they said to get in there now (was scheduled at 1:30 pm for surgery) so we went in, got hooked up, and only 1 cm dialated still! Well another c section showed up contracting amd was at 5cm so she went first. So I just dealt with the contractions with no meds and at noon was walked into OR.

At 12:45pm Cristiano was born weighing 7 lbs 4 oz and 20 inches.

When they took me to recovery they said. Cristiano was hungry so time for skin to skin and nursing. I think he was in my belly memorizing the directions on how to nurse cuz he opened up real wide and latched on immediately and perfectly! The n urse was impressed! He had a poop and pee almost immediately. He moves around when he is hungry but doesn't make a peep! So far he is 8 hours old anmd sooo good! We and the kids are so in love!
I'm hurting plus my bladder adhere toy uterus and ab wall so I had lots of adhesions but doc said my working out paid off! My abs are tight amd something else...couldn't hear him! I did throw up tho after they pulled him out. My biggest fear. Dh took several pics of Cristiano coming out of me as well!

That's my update! Can u post this?

Thanks soo much!

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Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile