Bloody nose- sort of

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Bloody nose- sort of

Last week I got a really nasty cold that knocked me down flat for most of the week.... I've been better the past few days for the most part. I still have a slightly runny nose and thats what has me just a little disconcerted. Everything in the tissue is BRIGHT red. Not just a little bit either. Is this normal?

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i had blown my nose a couple times during this pregnancy and had bright red blood too on the tissue - i wasn't sick or anything, but the one time it was covered, the whole tissue covered... the second time, it was there but not as much.

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Bloody noses are comon in pregnancy, especially when its already irritated. I get them every so often as well. I was told that because of the extra blood volume, and hormones in our system relaxibg the capularies, that the ones in your nose that are so close to the surface are easier to bleed and get irritable

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I had soooooo many bloody noses with Aiden I just kept a pack of tissues on me. Living in a desert like I was then soooo didn't help. Irritation can definitely bring them on - like a cold. Hopefully it'll pass soon.