Breakfast is served (QOTW 3/6)

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Breakfast is served (QOTW 3/6)

What do you usually eat for breakfast? A hot meal? Cold cereal? Nothing? Do you switch it up or eat the same thing day after day?

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I switch it up. Right now it starts with saltines before I even get out of bed. Lol. And then I usually have homemade muffins or oatmeal or something. Sometimes peanut butter toast if I don't have anything else. It used to also include orange juice but that doesn't work with me right now. Makes me so sick. Ugh! Oh and I always drink a probiotic yogurt smoothie! Lol.

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I'm not a big breakfast person, but I've been trying to start better habits.

We always have a green smoothie in the morning, my kids actually love it! We do spinach/milk/banana and a little bit of frozen pineapple/mango/papaya to make it thick and icy. That's pretty much all I can stomach right now, but I also love homemade oatmeal.

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In my first trimester I always want scrambled eggs with green tabasco and toast. It's one of my first prego symptoms because otherwise I hate eggs!

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Usually I don't care for breakfast- but since dieting I always tried to eat SOMETHING- but usually a late breakfast- i cant ever eat right when I wake up.. but now.. Im nauseas until I eat... I LOVEEE egg white omelettes- so last week i was having that a lot, but now eggs sound kind of gross- so I've really been into cereal- like multigrain cheerios with a banana.... or hot oatmeal...
I used to HAVE to have cofffee every morning, during the 2ww I switched to decaf or half caff- but now sometimes it "sounds" good, and I make it, and take one drink and I'm over it .. ugh..

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I must eat breakfast. Back before DD was born, if I didn't eat breakfast - or if I ate too many carbs for breakfast - I would get a migraine. It's not nearly as bad now, but I still make sure I eat a solid breakfast. No pancakes, waffles, pop tarts, or doughnuts for me!

I tend to eat homemade Egg McMuffins (english muffin, american cheese, egg) or a bagel with cream cheese. And on the weekends my husband usually makes fried eggs and toast, and bacon or homemade sausage if we have it. Biggrin

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I'm on the breakfast bandwagon since I've been dieting. Before, it was only coffee. Now I'll have the new PB Cheerios or whole wheat English muffin with butter. This morning sourdough toast cooked in the pan with an egg in the middle. After eating it that way at Cracker Barrel, I'm addicted! I've always gotta have coffee to start off my day too.

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I've been eating either oatmeal or dry cereal like puffins or cheerios. I've been so up and down with everthing. I usually eat very well also because I was always dieting. I'd kill for a piece of toast but ughh! Gave bread up for lent! Kind of a dumb move to do that in the first tri.

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Marie thats a toad in the hole!! I love love love those!!! I love eggs period, so if all else fails I always make them! Oh and pancakes! YUMMY! Your making me want to make breakfast at 1045 at night!!

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I'm never one to give up my alotted daily cup of coffee, but I can't drink it this time, and I can't do dairy either, it makes me so queasy! (at least milk - cheese is ok so far )

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I'm a breakfast every day girl. I wasn't before kids though. I make what I feel like, or the kids feel like, on any particular day. Common foods here are cereal / muesli, toast with peanut butter or vegemite, eggs (scrambled, boiled, poached or fried), pancakes, breakfast burrito......