Breaking out like crazy...

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Breaking out like crazy...

Can I use regular face wash still? Or do I need to find something gentler. I've got three new pimples on my jaw line of all places in the world. I look like I'm breaking out in hives. My boss told me to take benadryl. I haven't told him yet whats really going on.

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It probably has nothing to do with the face wash you're using and more to do with crazy hormone levels. I know I go weeks without a blemish and then spend weeks with them, then clear up, then they come back. It takes something like 3-6 weeks for a pimple to surface so even though you can't see them they're still there forming. So it's probably from the initial hormonal changes of when you first became pregnant.

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Yep, hormones are to blame. I know a lot of acne washes/ creams are off limits during pregnancy so make sure to ask your doc what's safe.

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I haven't been using a face wash cause I was told that they can be dangerous so I've just been using water but I'd like to use something else a little stronger to help keep them at bay... Especially if this is going to continue. My cousin had the worst acne you can imagine with her twin daughters.

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I personally just use soap and water. I would think as long as you pick something mild and without a bunch of chemicals would be fine. My skin would be a MESS if I just used water...

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Ijust use my body wash when I shower and that seems to mostly do the trick for me. Im pretty sure that you can still use an exfoliater (sp) and I really like the St. Ives for sensitive skin!

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There are all sorts of chemicals that are in acne products that haven't been studied for pregnancy yet. I got all paranoid last pregnancy and stopped them all and switched to a very gentle face wash. Broke out with little pimples everywhere. Eh. Oh well. This time I'm still using my normal face wash, but stopped using anything that stays on my face. Still breaking out. It's all hormones. Doesn't matter what you use or do. Yay for pregnancy. :roll: lol Mine got worse last pregnancy in the 2nd tri. It was like I trended in morning sickness for acne. Blum 3

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Definately joining the club!
I got a mild face wash- the aveeno sensetive skin hoping that'd help.. it helps off and on... I really need to chug water and eat really healthy and I think it'd help too.
Last week my BACK started breaking out, HUGE monster pimples, and go figure, right when we were going to Great wolf lodge water part- I wore a tshirt swimming the second day so nobody would see!!
Benzoil peroxide is safe- so I use that when I think about it.. the best thing I can do is ignore it- but its so hard and makes me feel so self consious!!