btdt mamas: induction question

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btdt mamas: induction question

I was told today that I will be induced next Thursday due to baby girl being "plus sized". Wink I was wondering if my currently being dialated between a 2 and a 3 would help ensure a smoother, (hopefully faster) delivery. With DS1 and DS2, I was in labor within 12 hours of my due date so, I never had to worry about induction before-this is unchartered territory. Those labors were 12 hours and 15 hours long. Is there any correlation between a "faster" induction and already being dialated?

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There's this tool called the Bishop score that predicts whether an induction will succeed or fail, and dilation is one of those factors. The higher the Bishop score, the more likely the induction will succeed.

Being dilated alone isn't going to give you a high Bishop score. Being dilated to 5 cm or higher only gives you 3 points out of a possible 13. You said you're 2-3 cm dilated? That's only 1-2 points. You'll need more than that if you're going to have an easy induction. Wink If your baby is anterior, your cervix is soft, you're effaced and dilated, and your baby is low, you'll likely have a successful induction (though not guaranteed). The more of those you're missing, the more likely the induction will be long, hard, and possibly end in a c-section.

But, of course, any dilation is a good sign and will make the induction easier than it would be without the dilation! Good luck!

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Know your bishops score! Considering Induction? Learn Your Bishop?s Score

Also, how is he planning on inducing you? Don't show up for an induction till you know what the plan of action is for every step of the way. There are dangers to certain methods of induction that you'll want to be aware of first from your doctor.
There are risks to any induction, so talk to him about that! (5 Reasons to Avoid Induction of Labor - The Risks of Labor Induction - SOOOOOOO not meant to scare you, just to give you an idea of what to talk to your doctor about and for you to be aware about. I was aware of these risks, but didn't talk to my OB with my son's birth about how much I was at risk which I should have.)

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I was induced when I was not dilated at all. They did a balloon cath dilation (got me to 2 cm) then pitocin. it was a loooong/hard labour. Lasting 26 hours but I eventually had him vaginally. But it probably would have been waaaaay better if I had waiting longer.

I wouldnt let them just right to pitocin. Maybe cervidil (when they insert that tampon like thingy with prostaglandin up by your cervix)? I know for some people that gets them into labour alone.

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I too started with cervidil but unfortunately it didn't do anything. Then hours later came pitocin. Please make sure you review the risks of pitocin with your doctor and how its going to affect labor and your birth plan. I was at a 2 when I was induced.. good luck.. sending easy labor vibes!

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I haven't BTDT but they've told me pretty much the same thing at my last appointment; they want to induce me next week or the week after because he's a big baby, but ONLY if they can safely do so (ie, I'm dilated and effaced to certain degree). I have the same worries that you do, I'd hate for a long hard labor that could end in a c section anyway. I know many of the ladies on here have said this already but at this stage in our pregnancies size estimates can be off by 1-2 lbs even when done by u/s and not just palpation.

Anyway, as far as my OB has said being dilated and effaced definitely helps increase the chances of a successful induction. It sounds like Harmony and Jackie know what they're talking about with the Bishop score, and that makes sense! I hope that if they do induce you that your labor is easy and quick! Biggrin

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Thank you so much!!! I am definitely going to try and figure out more information between now and Thursday. DS1 was only 8lbs and DS2 was 9 lbs 6 oz so, I'm prone to larger babies anyway so, that part doesn't really bother me-as long as it's safe. DS2 didn't cry when he was born and the staff had to work hard to stimulate him-they said he was "shell shocked" and most larger babies are. With both labors, I did receive pitocin as a result of the epidural slowing progress down. All I want in the end is a safe delivery and my baby in my arms-I will most certainly be checking out everything I've just learned from you ladies. Thanks as always!!!

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I have had both types... Induced with #s 1 & 3, and going naturally with #2. All of those labors start to delivery were just under 12 hrs.

This time was completely different, i have to say, because of the prep work was already done. If Because I was already contracting, and making changes on my own it wasnt considered an induction. The doctor breaking my water and then later giving me a low amount of pit augmented my labor. I have to say the progress that i made on my own definitely made a huge difference in how long active labor took and how easy itwas to push Kellen out. As did the great epidural that I got Wink