Can't... stop... eating...

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Can't... stop... eating...

Wow. I sort of remember this from last time, but it's still a bit overwhelming. I literally have only stopped eating twice today - the first time for about 40 minutes mid-morning, and the second time for about 20 minutes after lunch. And even then, I was hungry the whole time.

Yesterday my blood sugar tanked when I went a bit over an hour without eating. I was sweating, shaking, felt really miserable and all that goes along with low blood sugar. I know it was low blood sugar and not something else because I have a glucometer - I'm not diabetic, but my blood sugar can get pretty chaotic, especially during pregnancy. I ended up fainting at the post office around 20 weeks last time, and ultimately was put on a "pizza and hamburgers" diet by my midwives - that's literally what she told me to eat.

It's not like I was eating junk today or yesterday. Yesterday I had several spoonfuls of peanut butter and watermelon for breakfast, then had two multigrain waffles as a mid-morning snack, then had cheese toast (whole wheat bread) as a pre-lunch snack, then had leftover pad thai for lunch. Today I had a peanut butter sandwich (whole wheat bread) for breakfast, and I've been munching on pistachios, cheese, watermelon, ice cream, and spicy buckwheat noodles (a Korean dish called bibim--myeon) ever since.

I'm about to go boil some eggs so I'll have a quick, high-protein snack available for me. And make some more cheese toast. And maybe start dinner early.....

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Man, that sounds exhausting! Your plan sounds wise. Good job having such healthy snacks too!

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lol... oh the joys of pregnancy Wink

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oh boy, i haven't hit that point yet - i do get hungry often though and it annoys the hell out of me, because i don't want anything in particular so, i'm like "here we go again" ((walks into kitchen aimlessly looking through cabinets and fridge))!!! ahhh!