Car Accident

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Car Accident

I got into my first car accident Monday. Was driving this busy freeway we have that goes from the Bay Area to the Valley, and the lady in front of me had to slam on her breaks. We were coming off of a small hill so I couldn't see traffic in front of her other than her stopping real hard and I slammed on my breaks and my car skid, not stopping right into her. She got out and saw I was pg and was very concerned. She told me the car in front of her stopped suddenly but she barely missed them. Anyway, at the time I felt ok. I hit so hard my glasses flew off my face and under my brake pedal. After we got of the freeway I noticed slight cramping. Wasn't too concerned. My boss happened to be there since he drives the same route home and I called DH who was freaked out and even my kids were scared and crying and relieved to see me standing there. So my boss and dh had to bend my hood back to get it to latch on. The car was actually driveable and we immediately drove it to a body shop. ( So far $4900 damage, it's a Toyota corrolla). After an hour at home I started to get a lot of cramping and tightening. So dh had me call the advice nurse and they wanted me to go to L&D immediately. So I had to go to this other hospital since I am under 32 weeks. Got there and got hooked up. They saw I was contracting but they weren't huge contractions. I had a lot of pain on my lower left area near the groin. We think it was caused by the seat belt. So they saw that these little contractions weren't stopping and intensifying so I had to get fluids via iv and a shot of something that starts with a t. After those I had no more pain! I was suppose to be monitored for 4-6 hours but didn't go home until 1:30pm the next day because once the fluids stopped, the pain started to come back. So now I"m on rest. Can't work or anything until Monday at least. Baby was fine the entire time thank God!!! He was looking great, heart rate was awesome, basically unscathed which I am so grateful for. Got a very in depth ultrasound and he is measuring 3lbs 5 oz, I'm measuring still 6-7 days ahead of schedule, his umbilical cord had great blood and O2 flow, placenta is still very low but in tact ( I think, she said it was hard to see because his head is right there , (I have previa and I have another u/s tomorrow to see if it moved which actually doesn't matter since I'm having a c sec. But they want to make sure no probs with it) Amniotic fluid is great, his reflexes and muscle was good. All this has to be checked I guess. He was moving around like crazy! and like he always does, has his hands on his face! So I am just so happy and grateful.

My dh has been AMAZING!!! He always is but he said it was really put into perspective how dangerous that freeway is with all those other commuters. We have had so much loss in our family, he was scared and got choked up. He said how he didn't know how to live if something happened to me. Made me cry. I love his so much!

So that is my update, I did go out a little yesterday with dh because we needs some groceries and started to really cramp up so today, no walking or going out for me.

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Wow I am so glad you are okay and that your baby was fine too! Sounds like they took good care of both of you at L&D!

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I'm guessing the shot was tributaline. Thats what I have gotten in the past when I've had pre term contrax. Im guessing with the force of the accident they were probably making sure that nothing was bumped wrong, including the baby. So glad to hear that besides the contractions, everything has checked out find Smile well, for you and baby that is. Reading about your DH brought tears to my eyes. What a sweet heart. I hope that your bedrest goes smoothly, and is short lived. Hang in there mamma, and keep us posted Smile

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:lurk: omg. Glad everything is okay with you and the baby!! Your DH sounds like a sweetheart! I had to get methotrexate shots with my last pregnancy because it was ectopic...and I called DH (well, he was my fiance then) and told them they had sent me to the ER and were gonna keep me because the baby was so big in the tube, it could rupture at any time. My phone died after that. He came up to the hospital (he left right in the middle of work) and his face.... man, I could just see how much he cared about me right then. It was a bad circumstance, but it made my heart feel good.

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Glad everything is okay now! Car accident is definitely one of those things that if I'm involved in one while pregnant I will always get myself checked out at the office or hospital. Hope you don't have any more issues!

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OMG that is so scary!! Im so glad that you are ok! Thats great that the baby is ok! DH sounds like he has been a dream!

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How scary but I'm glad both you and the baby are ok! Take it easy and KUP.

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Glad everything was ok! How scary!

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OMG! Glad everything is ok.

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SCARY!!! I am glad you are okay and were able to walk away from the accident! Your hubs sounds so sweet

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Yikes! How scary! I'm glad to hear things have quieted down!

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thanks so much everyone!!! I'm also glad it wasn't horrible. I'm still having some crampy pain on the left side. But staying off my feet to see if it goes away. Again, thanks for your prayers! Yes, dh is amazing! I am so lucky!

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I'm so sorry to hear about your accident, but glad that at the hopsital they were able to get the contrations to stop. Take it very easy this weekend and rest up.