Car Accident. URGH!

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Car Accident. URGH!

So, my bf picks me up after work when he's on day shift week. No big deal.

Yesterday some arsehole decides to wave another one that it was 'ok' to go -- in rush hour traffic.... And said car that put the pedal to the metal, smacked us.. in the passenger side.
Seriously. I think both these women got their licenses out of a cracker jack box. Luckily we have an SUV and didn?t get that much damage, mainly the front light... but had we been going 5mph faster, she would have t-boned my door and I'd be more hurt..

So, after 7 hours in ER, baby is fine -- I had a u/s and my bf said baby was swimming like mad and dr. said he saw a hb but couldn't confirm how strong it was because my bladder was empty. But again, I DIDN'T GET TO SEE MY BABY - but my bf did, so I'm not as upset. I asked to see and the dr turned it off. I'm going to see if I can get in to see my Nurse Practitioner who is taking care of me right now to see if we can get a sound on the doppler... Also, my bf said it looks more like a lil wee baby then a blob with a heartbeat, so I'm even more convinced I am at the 12 weeks I think I am. (I also hardly have nausea the last couple days - it comes and goes now and my boobs aren't too sore so I was gaining some concern even before the accident... if I was only 8 weeks, that would be kind of strange to lose symptoms like that... but at 12 weeks it would be more... 'common' i guess.. and the fact the baby looked more like a baby on the scan makes me think I know what I'm talking about and the tech didn't......My symptoms now include headaches... peeing... always thirsty and always hungry.... and i'm irritable...)

As for me... My foot might be broken, I refused the xray - I'll go back in a couple days if my foot gets worse, if not we'll chalk it up to a sprain, I have a small case of whiplash and can't move my head to the left side, I have seat belt injury in my shoulder, but I'm fine. My bf has seat belt injury too, but that's it. So thankfully everyone is fine... I'm pretty stiff today so I took the day off work, but hopefully I can get there tomorrow.

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i'm sorry about your car accident and your foot. at least the baby is doing well! feel better soon!

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How horrible! I'm so glad you and the baby are ok though. It's weird that they won't let you see the U/S still. I dropped a huge can on my foot when I was working at Walmart and thought I broke some toes, I had an xray and it was only sprained but I was about 3-4 months pregnant at the time and DS was born just fine, they doubled up on the apron they make you wear though. I know having xrays while pregnant can be completely nerve wracking, I hope your foot is ok and it doesn't come to that but remember that your health matters too! Good Luck!

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How scary! Glad to hear you're mostly okay. I'd definitely follow up with your NP in a few days if you can just in case anything else from the accident creeps up. ((hugs))

With DS I had an u/s at 11 weeks, 3 days. He completely looked like a baby. A small baby, but a baby! Nothing resembling a jelly bean, bean, blob, etc.

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Yikes Sad Sounds like everything turned out just about as good as it could. Its really weird that your hospital is so weird about letting you see the baby on the US. I would def. say that your last US was off. I had an ultrasound at 8 weeks with DS1 and he looked like a little frog... not quite human, but not a blob. At 12 weeks they def. look more human Smile

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OMG thats so scary!!! I hope your foot is ok!

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Thanks everyone - I'm sticking to the fact that I am definitely more advanced then what they said. Especially after my bf told me it looked like the 12 week scans I found online (ok probably not super trustworthy but if it looked like a little wee baby, I believe him)

My foot is hurting, as is my neck -- I'm just glad baby is ok! Funny how you get pregnant and worry more about that little growing human then anything else in the world...

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I am glad you are both okay! How scary! And it's so odd that they won't let you see the u/s screen! I hope your foot starts feeling better.