Changing diet to reduce chance for disease (OT)

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Changing diet to reduce chance for disease (OT)

I am by no means a health nut. I played sports, volleyball specifically, growing up and into my college years so exercise has always been a part of my life. After college, I have been up and down with the frequency of exercise but I haven't ever cut it out completely. I try to do something active for an hour at least 2-3 days a week, plus I have a job that keeps me on my feet all day, so I feel like I'm on track in that department.

When it comes to eating, since I exercise pretty regularly, I have always ate pretty much whatever I want. I don't mean I just eat pizza and pop, but I cook with butter and don't feel guilty about it. I have a sweet tooth that I succumb to more often than not. I could definitely stand to loose 10 pounds, and get back to my college weight, but I don't feel the need to. I'm comfortable with where I am right now.

So to get to my question- DH and I watched a documentary this week called Forks Over Knives that documented research of a few doctors over the last 20 years that have found clear links between animal based diets and degenerative diseases, specifically cancer and heart disease. It's really compelling. It shows several stories of people who were diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and high blood pressure and were able to completely stop their meds after changing their diets to a plant-based, whole food diet. Now, I know all documentaries have agendas and am not one to believe after seeing something once. But, I began reading a few research reports online and even combed through a few books and feel really compelled to make a change.

I've said a million times, especially before I indulge in something unhealthy, life is short and I might as well enjoy what I'm eating. Heck, I have a 97 year old great grandmother who is still going strong and who, I know, ate lots of meat, butter and dairy products throughout her life. BUT I also feel like if I can drastically reduce the chance of contracting a degenerative disease by changing how I eat, well it would be worth it. I know we all have our time, heck I could go tomorrow, and diet might not play a part in that moment, but it might also play a part in helping me live longer and healthier.

SO what do you ladies think? Anyone a vegetarian and want to give me advice? Do you think I'm nuts? DH is trying to loose a good bit of weight before our cruise and I want to be supportive of him, so we are toying with going mostly plant-based and whole food in our diet. This doesn't mean I'm cutting out all animal based products immediately, that is just not realistic, but we are going to try to cut back and switch to more soy products to see if it does have an impact in our energy level, weight, and all the other benefits it is supposed to have . Stay tuned...

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Meg, I just glanced at your post. Will read it completely tomorrow, but please check out one my favorite websites:

Will chat more tomorrow :O)

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I come from a more "crunchy" point of view, I guess you could say, whole foods/holistic health/alternative medicine/etc. Smile and my personal belief is that animal based products are not necessarily the leading cause of degenerative diseases BUT!!!! I do believe that the horrible things injected and fed to the animals really skews the end product, which of course leads to more health issues AND!!! I don't believe in going overboard, to either extreme - moderation is key. Smile
Basically, I feel like if you're going to eat meat/dairy, try to make it organic as much as possible.. and really, same goes with fruits and veggies.
....Also, I know it can be controversial, but my whole life I was raised that soy based products can tamper with your estrogen levels, and I've tried to steer clear of them as much as possible (unless fermented). Instead of cow, goat or soy milk, I'll use coconut or almond milk, which have just as much if not more calcium as regular milk, and are less allergenic/estrogenic.
Anyway, just something else that might be worthwhile looking into before you make the big leap! Smile
I wish you the VERY best and hope you get that beautiful BFP super super soon!!! Smile

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Ok, so..Good Morning!

I agree with the above post about the eating meat. I eat it, but I try to make sure my meat is pasture raised, grass fed, and local. I also try to eat at least 2 non meat dishes per week (more if possible). I believe it's called "flexatarian", but I don't actually call it that. This type of meat is definitley higher prices than your average cut, but eating a few veggie based meals a week can help off set the price.

I also agree with the soy/estrogen connection, but having hypothyroidism, I have to stay away from soy anyway. That being said, I still enjoy some edamame now and then :O)

The website I posted above, I LOVE. I haven't actually participated in any of the challenges, but I use MANY of the recipes. Especially the snack foods for my daughter (and me!).

Some other site I frequent: (this is a paid subscription site, but being a working mom I find it extremely helpful with weekly meal planning).

I once thought that living a unprocessed food lifestyle was next to impossible for me. But after finding these websites, I feel it's really not that hard.

Where did you see the movie? I've been dying to see Food Inc. but I don't have netflix and I don't have a video store in my area. Is there a place I can just rent a movie from that I don't have to have a monthly susbscription? I really don't watch movies that often so it's not worth it to me.