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Check in.. (stolen from the Dec. board)

How far along are you?

How are you feeling?

Recent Appointments:

Vent (any topic):

Happy thought (any topic):

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How far along are you?

How are you feeling? extremely irritable, tired, and restless

Recent Appointments: Had my ultrasound this past friday, next one isnt till the begging of August

Vent (any topic): So, friday we found out that we are having a boy. I was so excited to show my mom the ultrasound pics when we went to get the kids, so ended up telling her the baby's sex. I went up to my sister's to get the boy clothes... yes, I could have waited, but we are getting ready to have a garage sale and this was the only time between now and then that we had time to go through the clothes and figure out what I wanted to keep, and what could go to the garage sale... So, I told her what the baby's sex is. Well, then my other sister got all huffy about me not telling her... she knew what I was up there doing, and felt it was unfair that my other sister knew and not her... we were going to try to keep the sex a secret from our families till he was born. Well, then my aunt came over and she figured it out. So, then I had to tell my dad and my other sister... Which, meant that we had to tell DH's side since they would be upset if my side knew and not them, or if they heard it through the grapevine.

So, that night, I was having some fun on amazon, looking at baby stuff, and also thinking of what we needed for the baby (this is what got me thinking of the gift exchange and how to set it up). So, I made a little registry with a few things on it... and decided that was a cute way to tell people... It was titled "just to give you an idea of what we like/need for sqwirt" Not that I expect people to buy anything for us, just that what was on there are what you would put on a baby of the male persuasion. My mother in law responded and was all excited. My sister in law responded right away saying that she was right about her guess... but, then later that afternoon sent me a nasty email saying how rude it was that I told people that way, and that people who have so many kids use hand me downs and dont make registries... yada yada yada. ugg.

So, not only do I feel like I was really pressured into telling our families, but then was made to feel bad about what I thought was an origional way to tell people. Whatever happened to "congrats!!!" and being happy for someone??? Why do they have to get upset over the littlest, stupidest, things??? I did respond to my SIL saying that I was sorry she felt that way, that I thought it was an original way to tell people... that I wasnt expecting people to buy us anything... that I did have hand me down stuff... but, that I also know that people do like to bring gifts to the hospital, and that Christmas isnt long after he is due, so what was the big deal if I did make a wish list/registry??? and so on.

I am just so sick of everyone right now, and kinda deflated. I was so excited about finding out that we are having a boy, seeing his cute little face, and looking at things that are out there to get for him... and then sharing that with our families (even if it felt like I was being forced to do so at first)... and I really feel she took that away from me. She is just upset because she had her tubes tied and now she has realized that she wishes she would have held out for the bigger family that she wanted (they compromised at 3 kids) and shes just upset seeing us doing what she wishes they would have. So, we have been emailing back and forth, and it just feels like any time I respond to her on something she brings something else up... things on facebook, names we have told her in the past... stupid ****.. I just cant win. And, I am so irritable in general right now, that her crap isnt helping. You can sure as shiz know that we arent going to share what we do end up picking to name him till hes here... And I am just going to not talk to her about the pregnancy or anything baby related unless she brings it up, and even then it will just be short quick answers.

Happy thought (any topic): The baby is seeming to really like hearing DH's voice... when we were laying on the couch talking this afternoon after he got home wee dude gave a few big kicks that DH was able to feel Smile

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Kier, That sucks that you're having so much family drama over the sex reveal. I hope they suck it up and don't ruin your happy time too much.

How far along are you? 20 weeks (halfway done, WOOT WOOT!)

How are you feeling? Exhausted but good, though my mood swings have been nuts lately. Poor poor DH.

Recent Appointments: My next appointment is this Friday, anatomy scan to make sure everything is fine. We already went to a 3rd party u/s place for a sex reveal without telling my OB so I guess I need to act surprised when they tell me he's a boy. Blum 3

Vent (any topic): I don't have much to vent about atm, my mom is still being her crazy annoying pessimistic nosy self. I wish she would just butt out and let me have peace for the next few months. Also money has been super tight lately which is stressing me out, DH broke the windshield on my car and got a ticket for talking on the phone. Now we have to pay to replace the windshield and fight the ticket in court because he shouldn't have technically gotten it (the phone was on speaker, in the door handle.. this is not illegal according to the DMV website).

Also I'm so sad that I haven't felt this little guy move much because of the anterior placenta. I feel like I'm not bonding with him like I did with DS because of this and it makes me so depressed. By this point in my pregnancy with DS we had hiccups and kicks and I swear that kid was trying to practice walking on my innards.

Happy thought (any topic): I'm halfway done Biggrin

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How far along are you? 20 weeks this week

How are you feeling? Pregnancy wise pretty good. But I have been feeling miserable and found out today that I have a sinus infection and upper respiratory infection Sad Ugh

Recent Appointments: I have an appt at the end of the month and then an U/S soon after that to check my placenta again.

Vent (any topic): This is more of a tantrum than a vent... But I miss my Sudafed and Ibprofen!!

Happy thought (any topic): I am getting more and more excited at the thought of 2 boys Smile

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How far along are you? 21+5

How are you feeling? Pretty good up until a couple of days ago. Water is already giving me heartburn! Woo. Guess it's time to upgrade from tums. My center of gravity is also off. I think Baby Girl had a growth spurt recently because I haven't noticed much change in my uterus size for a few weeks and it's definitely bigger now.

Recent Appointments: Next appt is Wednesday. Last one was 4 weeks ago and was my anatomy scan.

Vent (any topic): I soooo need DH's help to get the guest bedroom turned into DS's new big boy room and he's sooooooo not being helpful at all!!! Then he gets mad when I do things like move the double bed by myself, but if I waited for him it would be another two months. Meanwhile the closet in there is mostly his crap. UGH!

Happy thought (any topic): Got Baby Girl's quilt! Now I'm gathering supplies to make decorations to match. I'm excited to get started!

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How far along are you? 22w5d

How are you feeling? Pretty good! Sleeping well, only come close to puking first thing in the am & at night when I brush my teeth! No complaints here! Well, except that I feel fat, especially in the evenings.

Recent Appointments: Last week, pretty routine appt...

Vent (any topic): We've been rearranging rooms, and I am so exhausted!! We moved all 3 girls into our largest bedroom, and I have to switch my sewing room/office with the boys room, cause the sewing room is much bigger and it has it's own tiny bathroom. Makes more sense for my oldest boy to have his own bathroom than to share it with the sewing room. So we have been painting over the previous owners awful paint jobs/colors. They did a sloppy job so we have to repaint all the ceilings, doors, baseboards, trim, window sills...EVERYTHING. It takes forever!!! It's so worth it though to have fresh, crisp, CLEAN paint!

I'm also hating the craigslist losers that are selling a bed frame. DH took all the seats out of our van today and drove 40 minutes to meet them at their storage unit. Only to discover that they didn't pay their rent on time so they were locked out of their unit for 48 hours. Awesome...If it wasn't such a great bed I would move on, but it's exactly what we want! it's a nice wood frame with 6 drawers underneath the mattress so we can eliminate a dresser in the boys room.

Happy thought (any topic): Paint colors! The girls room is a pretty aqua blue, the boys room is going to be painted navy, and the sewing room is a nice pale yellow. So excited that after living here for 2 years the bedrooms will finally reflect our tastes!

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How far along are you?20 w 1 d

How are you feeling?Pretty good at this point. No longer sick so that's great.

Recent Appointments:I have to go back for another ultrasound in two or three weeks because they didn't get clear images of the baby's heart or spine. So just waiting for the hospital to give me a call to set it up.

Vent (any topic):Having to go to the bathroom every hour is back so I am not sleeping well. Last week was great, just got up once, since Sunday I've been up at least 5 times every night. I think this little one is just sitting on my bladder.

Happy thought (any topic):DS is super excited to be having a little brother. DD is working on potty training and has only had two accidents in three days. So that's great. Hopefully we'll be fully trained by the end of the month. I would love to have just one full time in diapers (DS has accidents at night still)

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Kier, I am so sorry you had to go from such a great happy "high" to such a low feeling because of other people. That was, in my opinion, pretty inappropriate for people to make you feel like that. *hugs*

How far along are you? 20 and a half-ish weeks.

How are you feeling? Great!!!

Recent Appointments: Last Thursday was my 20 wk-all was well. Dr. teased me b/c he knew it'd be a girl and I was so sure it was a boy.

Vent (any topic): My sister!!! She made a choice to not have kids. Great, fine for her. However, she's gotten to be a real piece of work lately about it. At every family event somehow, she and her husband find a way to bring up they're not having any. WE ALL KNOW. I purposely don't talk to her about anything pregnancy related b/c she's just so non-chalant/borderline rude about it. (Wasn't even going to tell her about ultrasound results but, my DH texted her b/c he's a nicer person than I am.) Anyway, the other day she posted on fb "this is for all of you procreaters out there" and a song (by Garfunkel and Oates I believe it said). The song is called " Pregnant Women Are Smug". Are you effing kidding me? It took everything I had to not see if a song existed called "Vegetarians are a-holes" or something along the like.... So anyway, my mom and I were talking a couple nights later and I casually mentioned it and she said "Oh yeah, I talked to her about that-she said she was afraid some people may take it personally but, that's not her intent." Really???? I didn't go any further b/c you can't say anything about my sister to my mom-she's the golden child. Wink I was just really bothered by it-especially since I'm not even thinking just about me-I'm also thinking about our cousin who had to go through 6 rounds of IVF to try so hard to conceive and is now pregnant-how hurtful to her as well. It was pretty hateful in my opinion. But, oh well, it's over now-thanks for the venting opportunity! Smile

Happy thought (any topic): I am getting pretty good at shopping for a girl-I've been practicing a lot lately! Smile

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How far along are you? 23 weeks and 2 days

How are you feeling? considering all that has happening pretty decent. Getting a bit more used to bed rest but still always a little worried about the baby and if my body is going to play nice and let him cook as long as possible

Recent Appointments:Last week had a appointment with MFM and the cerclage helped. My cervix is back to 3 rather then the 1 it was sitting at before they put the cerclage in. Talk of having to get steriod shots after I hit 24 weeks was mentioned to help lung development in case I go early. Yesterday i had my OB appoiintment baby was sounding good. Now I wait for Friday to see MFM again for another us check of my cervix

Vent (any topic): the first week of bed rest was brutual

Happy thought (any topic): Baby is good so that is all that matters

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How far along are you?: 20w1d

How are you feeling?: I felt great for 2 weeks. Then all-day sickness came back. And my hips hurt. And my whole body hurts. And my heartburn wakes me up at night, with a bit of puke in my mouth.

Recent Appointments: SUPPOSED to be last week, but they rescheduled to the 20th with a chance my OB won't be there. F#$(* sakes.

Vent (any topic): I am about to go on a huge rant in a new topic because I Really need some kind of. advice or. something.

Happy thought (any topic): Baby's kicks are getting stronger and as weird as it feels and as much as sometimes when he kicks low it friggin hurts it is SO amazing to know I have a little life in me Biggrin

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How far along are you? 19 weeks tomorrow!!!!
How are you feeling?

Recent Appointments: None for the past two almost three weeks.

Vent (any topic): Just cause I'm pregnant does not give you the right to ask me any question you so desire (and when I say I don't want to sit down on the train, really, I'd rather you not give up your seat for me. I'm fine.

Happy thought (any topic): Feeling him move a lot more lately. He's responding to what I eat a lot of the time.

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How far along are you? 22w 5d

How are you feeling? Morning sickness is mostly gone, but fatigue is still hanging on. I had a friend whose midwife told her the biggest sign you're having your second baby is that you're too tired to get up off the couch. Well, yep, that about sums it up! Though I do have periods of energy - today, for example, I did a bunch of cleaning. Biggrin

Recent Appointments: Most recent was my 20w ultrasound, which was almost 3 weeks ago. Next appointment isn't for another week and a half.

Vent (any topic): Why does my weight always seem to be higher on Mondays (when I record my weight for my own record-keeping and for my space)? It'll be 0.5lb to 1lb lighter the whole rest of the week, but on Mondays it's like my scale knows it's record day and it bumps me up to the higher number. Grrr

Happy thought (any topic): DD is so, so excited about the baby. She's constantly talking about him and discussing how things will be when he's born and the things she'll teach him how to do. She's always been enamored with babies, especially her baby cousin (who is now 18 mo old) and the other babies at church, so I'm hoping the baby fever won't wear off after he's born.

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How far along are you? 24 + 3weeks

How are you feeling? Ok, still get nauseous for some reason, terrible terrible indegestion. But all tolerable.

Recent Appointments: None, but have next Ob this coming Friday

Vent (any topic): Seems like we all have family issues well I had to recently get Power of attorney for my grandmother and we are currently remodeling / fixing up her house she had abandoned for the last 14 years. Long story short, my DH and I have done everything! She was a huge hoarder so it took a month to clean out all the crap in there, (not to mention for the last 14 years shelived with my mom and then when she passed shelived with us so there is tons of stuff of hers in our homes and another storage). Well I've had guys working on it and my friend is gonna rent it from us and has been helping but I need to get it to code and dumb mistake on her part, but she paid the electrician up front and he has now slowed his process on working. That's a different story. Anywho, my sister has complained that I'mdoing all this work and she wants to move in and notmy friend. My sister lives with my dad still with her husband and 2 sons. She has never left home! But it's something that she got all pissy with me over the fact that my friend is going to live there. So she basically is having me do alll the work and wants to move in to this brand new ( I had to replumb the house to the street, all new electrical, all new bathroom, all new kitchen, hardwood floors, etc) practically home of our grandmothers. She won't visit my grandma at the memory care home she is at, I have to do all the finacial stuff while she can go to her friends house and party, have playdates, go to Great America (amusement park here in the Bay area) etc. My weekends and majority of days are tied up doing this project and I'm 6 months pregnant! Did I mention she is a sahm? Well I was shocked yesterday because we had to get upset with the electrician to finish his work and he said the garage still wasn't clean enough for him to finish, so I sent mysister and her hubby over to do that work, and you know what, they did! Still, it's gonna be a battle I just know it. I can't trust her to do anything, she always needs her hand held. when my brother died I did all of the arrangements, every single thing. I didn't have my parent's because they were too distraught. But she never helped. Then when mom died, again, I did everything. Her and my dad are alike, because someone always did everything for them. I even had to do my moms hair in her casket because the mortuary couldn't get it right or had a hard time. She wouldn't. But hey, it's made me who I am today. She always sings the sad tune of why me, and she hates living at home but never does anything to get out of there. Oh well such is life. I moved out at 18 and never went back. Bought my home when I was 23, this was actually the 2nd home we bought. I guess everyone is different. And I know it's hard for some people to do these things, but I do not feel bad for you if you don't try and are just lazy. I love her dearly but I will always have to hold her hand. And some things are so overwhelming for me like this POA stuff with my gma and this house, and I've cried over it but I still have to do it alone. I do have a wonderful hubby tho who has gone over and above to help me with everything! Ok that was my vent!

Happy thought (any topic) I'm on vacation this week!!! Going camping at the end of the week, 2 weeks ago we got back from Disneyland, and surprised our kids. Been a nice summer in that regard.

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i'm sorry so many of you are having difficulties with your sisters/families. i can relate!

How far along are you? 23 weeks plus some

How are you feeling? I was feeling great up until a couple of weeks ago. I feel like I have no energy and am depressed. My emotions are all over the place. The heartburn is starting up now--I had this with my first son too. I guess I better get used to the yummy chalkiness of Tums. Smile

Recent Appointments: I had an appointment with my midwife last week. I asked her about my weight gain which is now tipping the scales at 23 pounds. She said I had nothing to worry about and that some women gain more weight in the beginning. Yes, this is true and it did happen with me the first time around but I wish she could have offered me more advice. I don't like gaining all of this weight. It makes me nervous because it was so hard to take off the first time around.

Vent: Everything feels complicated in my life right now. We recently moved to a really awesome house located in one of the nicest neighborhoods in Baltimore. I love it here and am very thankful BUT I am not comfortable. Everything is difficult. Everything is stressful. A lot of things are still not unpacked. I know we will get there eventually but I just feel so tired all the time. I feel like the move, the pregnancy, a slew of family issues, and my weight gain have all taken a toll on me lately. My husband and I are not communicating that well. I feel like he never talks about the pregnancy or the new baby. It makes me so sad. I sobbed to him about this on Friday night (we had a huge fight) and he said he has just been so preoccupied with everything else that he forgets to ask or even think about the new baby. He never touches my stomach and even though the baby has been kicking strongly for weeks, he hasn't yet felt it. I also feel that my husband is able to go out and still have a social life while I am home all day with our son and getting fatter and fatter by the minute. I feel old, unattractive, and boring. I'm sorry to complain so much--I probably sound terrible--but this is a venting session....and this is how I have been feeling. I guess I am jealous that my husband can go out with friends and act like he is almost single again. I can't do that. I don't even want to do that but I guess it bothers me because I feel that he and I are not connecting. It's sad.

Happy thought: My almost two year old son is always touching my stomach and the other day he put his ear to my stomach to listen in. I feel he knows there is a baby in there. He is also very interested in babies now...I really feel like he knows!

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How far along are you? 24 weeks!

How are you feeling? pretty good. Tired a lot, and just drained (physically and emotionally) so I need to encourage myself to get up and stay moving for the sake of my kids and dogs, but not feeling badly at all and goodness, my appetite sure is healthy!!

Recent Appointments: I went last week and heard the heartbeat. Got my pre-registration paperwork (already?!) and will do the GD test next time since I wasn't quite 24 weeks then.

Vent (any topic): I am so emotionally charged lately! Cry at the drop of a hat, worry about stuff I can't control! Also, the MIL is still mad at me and I'm not sure why, but is giving me the silent treatment/cold shoulder combo. She'll speak when she has to, but doesn't look at me and is very cold. This has all started in the last month and the only thing I can think of that might have triggered it is that I didn't let my kids go over there during the week when she wanted them to come play (I have a FT nanny, so she and I count on that routine and set schedule). I am such a peacemaker, it wears me out to have people around me being mad at me...and I don't need any help being anxious/sad/tired these days!! DH has been out of town (why I've been offline so much lately), so I'm looking forward to him coming back so I can talk to him some more about it. And just being here, I don't sleep well when he's gone and DS2 has been up all.night.long the past several nights, just wanting comfort and me to hold him (2-year molars, maybe?).

Happy thought (any topic): baby is kicking like crazy! sometimes I think he's doing some breakdancing moves in there since my whole body seems to jump every once in a while. Starting to see/feel kicks on the outside now, although I still feel a ton on the inside since my placenta is towards the front. DS1 told the baby a story the other was the sweetest thing, he got right up and talked to my belly and started with "once upon a time..." Oh, I melted!

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How far along are you? 25 wks 2 days

How are you feeling? Tired and sick of the heat!

Recent Appointments: Today, went well! Gained 6 lbs Smile

Vent (any topic): I am sick of these BH contrax already and wish they would go away!!

Happy thought (any topic): Only 14 more weeks of being pregnant!! Cant wait to hold my baby girl!