Chocolate Milkshakes!

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Chocolate Milkshakes!

I have been craving chocolate during the third trimester, especially chocolate shakes! Hubby is out getting me one right now. Smile I wish I would crave carrots or something healthier, though. Is anyone else still having cravings?

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YUM! I think I am in between cravings right now... Although I have been getting serious sudden desires for very protein heavy things the past week...

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Of all things oranges! And even funnier is that they don't give me any heartburn, but water does most days. Go figure!

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For me its cereal or chocolate.

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I'm craving pasta! Of course with GD I can't have it, so my craving is going unfulfilled. Actually the night before my c-section DH is bringing the whole family out to our local Italian restaurant so that I can at least have a little bit of what I've been craving. I'm already know what I'm going to order, the stuffed shells with red sauce and have 1 roll with their dipping oil.

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Haven't had many cravings through the pregnancy but right now the oven roasted chicken sandwich at subway with their chipotle southwest sauce, i had it for dinner friday and last night and i think i'm having it again tonight lol.... it's all i want for dinner!
i'm also addicted to having peanutbutter and nutella for lunch on a toasted english muffin.

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Chocolate and more chocolate for me!! Smile I have a HUGE sweet tooth at the moment, although there have been times when I don't want anything but savory, too. Given the emotional roller coaster I seem to be on lately, I haven't been denying myself a little chocolate therapy when I am desperate. YUM to milkshakes, too!!

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I have a huge sweet tooth as well! Chocolate, cakes, etc! And regular coke! We went to a japanese restaurant the other night and had all sorts of tempura, can't stop thinking about that either! Yum!