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Thread: Cluster feeding...

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    Default Cluster feeding...

    So Bria seems to eat about 60 mLs (2 ounces) every 3 hours during the day and she will sleep great through out that whole time in between. At night time, she wants up 75mLs (2 1/2 ounces) every 2 hours and then doesnt always settle back down right away. Last night she had poop from head to toe at 3 am. I mean literally all the way down her leg and all the way up her back. Changed her, washed her up, get a new diaper on... poop again!!! Change her again, poop again!!! AHHHH! All within about a 20 min time span!!

    Any idea how I can try to switch her up a little?? Id love for her to sleep the 3 hr stretches at night!

    Oh and... in a desperate attempt to sleep last night, I skipped my pumping in the middle of the night... OMG I was sooo sore this morning! I literally pumped out 20 ounces in 25 mins! I actually had to switch bottles in the middle!! Never again!!!
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    I forget.


    Reverse cycling is very common. Remember her adjusted age is just 3 weeks, so most babies at that point are just figuring out day awake, night sleep. We kept common noises on during the day, even during naps. So radio, tv, dish washing, laundry, etc that makes noises. At night we kept lights completely off unless needed (and then used dim lights) and the house quiet. Eventually he figured it out. However, breast milk babies seem to like to more milk at night than the day sometimes. DS always cluster fed at night, which I remember a lot of kiddos from his BB did the same. Have patience! ((hugs))
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