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comparison pics

Here I was with DS#5

And here I am last week at the same point (actually 2 days further along) with this baby:

I didn't realize how huge I was last time!

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That is great Smile looks to me like Ds5 was the traditional basket ball type, where this one is def looking more watermellonish Wink

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Nice comparison! Great reminder of how each pregnancy is different. Biggrin

My husband did a comparison side by side last night. He had a good laugh at me.
Left is 41 weeks, 2 days with DS. Right is yesterday at 31 weeks.

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So cool! I love those pregnant bellies!

I know I was MUCH bigger last time with DS. I will see if I can dig up a 28 week pic of when I was pregnant with him tonight when I get home from work. I might only be able to find one from the very, very end though.

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You guys look great! Belinda, you did look bigger with ds #5! i will have to see if I can find a picture from the last time too. Might only be at the end. I do feel like I am almost as big now though so it will be interesting to see.

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It's fun to look back and compare and like you said Jackie, neat to see how they differ Smile

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Here's me at 29 weeks with Kostas:

And here's me at 27 weeks with Cricket:

It's funny, you can't tell by my most recent picture but my hair is almost the exact same length as it was in the top picture. These 2 pregnancies are the only times I have let my hair grow this long... what an odd coincidence LOL

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HAH! Yahoo I'm dredging up this old thread because I think I finally got my picture uploads to work! Biggrin

The picture on the left is me with DD at about 7.5 months. The picture on the right is me with this baby four days ago, around 35 weeks.

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Love the recreation pic! You look awesome!