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How many of you are having them? Just curious? BHs, real ones, etc?

I have been having lots and lots of BHs, but recently I started having real ones. I had totally forgot what real ones feel like, but man they really do hurt! I have had a couple this morning and a couple when I went to bed last night. Seems a bit early for me to be having them, but they are not at all consistent so I am not concerned. I guess if they pick up or get stronger then I will call my midwife, but for now I am trying to relax(at work) and keep drinking water.

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Ive been having them for a while now. Its to the point that I cant stand up and walk around without them starting up. Also, ive started wearing a yhick heavy dutypad because I am leaking gunk, and urine (tmi). I am ulternating between laying on the couch, getting up to do things, and havibg to lay back down because of the pain, pressure, and contractions.

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Oddly enough I can't remember the last time I had a BH! Has to have been at least 2 weeks since I actually noticed one.
No contractions.
I didn't have many BH with DS and zero contractions till I was induced. I'm pretty excited to start contractions naturally this time. Which sounds very odd after Kier's post above!

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I haven't had any at all, I was just asking my Mom if she ever had them before her actual labor because I have no frame of reference as to what they feel like so she was explaining them to me.

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The doctor told me yesterday that the more babies you have its not abnormal for you to start contracting more. Its when you start progreasing (which as of last week, my cervix was still closed) and if you have a history of early rupture and or deliveries. My body just likes to prep early, and then my babies run out of room quickly. Thankfully, and a curse, my cervix os pretty stubborn. I start thinning out way before I dilate, and it takes me forever to get to 5 cm. With Ds1 i contracted from 30 weeks on bedrest ,and meds, and went in at 38.5 weeks for my induction, his head engaged, and not . With Ds2 I started contracting at 28 weeks. Again, on meds and rest... My water broke the night I was 36 weeks, had just syopped taking the meds, and my water broke. Got to the hospital 2+ hrs later, and my cervix was so high they couldnt tell how dilated I was. 4 hrs after my water broke the doc checked me and I was finally at a 1. With DD the contractions started at 24 weeks, fetal fib test came back pos. And I dilated a fingertip at 33 weeks. At 36 wreks I went in to be induced, and I was still a finger tip dilated... Though, 5 days in the hospital, and mag sulfate, may have something to do with that? All 3 of my labors from start of induction, or water breaking, have taken just under 12 hrs . This time I am feeling a lot like I did with DS2, so it will be interesting to see how things go over the next few weeks.

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No contractions yet (real or fake). I'd actually be shocked if I had any contractions anytime soon. I have never had them until I was induced with all three.

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Kier- I hope you get some relief. I can't imagine having contractions like that so often. Glad baby isn't trying to come out yet though! I have a feeling mine are going to start coming and going, but I probably won't go into labor until very close to my due date... I hope that when I do go into labor that my labor isn't super long like last time. I don't even think I had one contraction until I actually went into labor with DS1 and so it seemed like I contracted FOREVER before making any real progress.

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Some BH's, some real... But the real ones aren't often enough to warrant a visit to L & D

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I've had a few BH if I'm on my feet for a long time. Other than that no real ones. I never really had any until I was induced with DS and never had any with DD (she was a repeat c-section).

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From 28 weeks to something like 33 weeks I was getting major BHs very frequently. They would be regular, at most 5 minutes apart. The last episode I had was, I think, at 33 weeks and they were so intense and painful!

But for the last week and a half or two weeks... nothing. Oh, maybe the odd BH here or there, but it's not painful and no more than one or two a day. Nothing like the 15 or so I was having per hour! :eek: It's almost starting to worry me that this baby has decided to stay in for the long haul! Wink

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Mine have been picking up pretty well now, too. We went to a concert for DH's early bday celebration on Thursday night and I think between that and not getting a lot of sleep lately, last night I was having some big time and timeable real ones! Even so, I have a feeling that I might go closer to my due date, too (although I hope not!). Outside of contractions (both BH and some real-feeling ones), I am having a lot of pressure. I think I have a stubborn bag of waters. Smile For me, once my water breaks, it's game ON and quickly it seems, judging by the last 2 labors...