Of course... Smh

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Of course... Smh

I slept through the night for the first time in a few weeks. I woke up feeling decent and even wanted a cup of coffee, I haven't been able to drink coffee in a few weeks. I took my oldest two kids to their schools, did some housework and went grocery shopping. I still feel decent. Sounds great, right? But nope, I can't enjoy it. I'm too busy worrying that something is wrong with cuatro (baby's nickname), since I feel ok.


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I understand! I'm so paranoid. I remember feeling pretty yucky with my last son and then the morning of my 7 week u/s I woke up feeling great. I was convinced something was wrong. Saw a sweet heartbeat and everything was fine. Yucky feeling came back that night. With this one I never did feel really bad and again was convinced something was wrong. Two u/s and hearing the heartbeat on doppler every day for the last 2 weeks proves everything is fine. It's completely normal to worry. That's what moms do! Try to enjoy the break. I bet the yucks will come back any time!

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The yucks totally come and go. Yesterday was AWFUL, today... I'm hungry and scarfing down everything in sight without a second thought as to nausea.

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I have days like that too. And last night I couldn't find the baby's heartbeat on the doppler even after trying several times. I've always been able to find it since 8.5 weeks. Ugh...I'm constantly feeling like something might be wrong Sad

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I felt horrible starting around the 6th week but found sea bands gave me relief... but then when I felt better I thought "what if something is wrong and that's why I'm feeling better?!" of course it didn't last and by the start of my 7th week I was feeling like crap again. But, I just have this tugging feeling like something bad is going to happen and I can't get rid of it. I don't have any previous history of losses but after TTC for almost 2 years I feel like it won't last and something is bound to go wrong. I didn't worry about my pregnancy at all with DS, the thought never even crossed my mind even once when I was pregnant with him. This time is so much different, maybe because it actually required "work" this time I feel like I have to continue to work to keep him/her. XD So it's pretty normal to worry, everyone does it!

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I hear ya! I have been feeling terrible for the last 3 weeks (especially the last week) and then today I felt pretty darn good with only fleeting bouts of nausea. I'm trying hard not to freak myself out but it is SO hard! Ugh.

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I finally made it to the gym and it gave me a whole hour to worry about sweating out my worrys. it felt great. maybe take a walk and get your mind off of it?