Crazy night last night

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Crazy night last night

Last night around 11:45, something very odd happened. He moved, and he moved a lot, and very quickly. Not only that, but he moved up. It felt like his whole body was in my ribs. I could definitely feel a bottom and a back, and possibly also a head, pressing on the very top of my uterus. It felt like he was trying to turn breech or transverse. At 38w1d.

As if that wasn't enough, right after that I started shaking like crazy. My hands and feet were icy cold. No matter how many layers I put on, I couldn't seem to stop my limbs from shaking and my teeth from chattering. This went on for about 15 minutes - I was walking around doing various things to try to get him to go back down, all the while shaking and shivering. Finally I woke up DH and he brought me back to bed. He's like a human heater, but it still took another 15 minutes or so before I felt anything close to warm. Sometime around then I started to have contraction-like pains. They definitely weren't contractions, and they weren't your usual BHs, but they were similar. Not at all regular, very crampy feeling, and mostly concentrated on my lower right side. The crampy feeling lingered, but every once in a while it would 'peak', like a contraction.

But it wasn't too painful, so I decided I was going to try to go back to sleep. After all, if he was transverse or breech, I did not want to do anything to speed up labor. If I could wait until morning, all the better. So I started sleeping in about 1-1.5 hour increments. Every time I woke up, I was still having the half-hearted contraction things, but I was always able to get back to sleep eventually.

This morning I called my doula and my midwife to tell them about it. I ended up going to the midwife's office around 10:30 just to be sure everything was fine (he almost never kicks during the day, so at that point I had no idea of knowing if he was okay after that crazy night).

And, of course, everything was fine and I'm not in labor or anything. It makes me feel like such an idiot... so many false alarms. *sigh* But I am glad things are okay, that he's head-down (that one worried me the most - I thought he had gone head-down again sometime during the night, but I was paranoid he was breech), and that the NST came back good.

So anyway, I'm now 1-2 cm dilated and during the NST I was having very mild contractions every 7ish minutes. So nothing to write home about, but as expected I probably won't be able to keep him in until my due date. At least at this point it looks like we'll make it to November, though! Wink The midwife said to keep my appointment for Monday, but she seemed to think I might be having a baby before then. We'll see... so far I've seen no sign of my mucus plug, and the contractions are spacing out rather than getting closer together. And 1-2 cm is nothing for a 2nd-time mom.

But truth be told, I'm sick and tired of false alarms. I don't mind normal, strong BHs that are spaced out far enough that they wouldn't send me rushing to the hospital, but these bouts of close, intense BHs and weird things that aren't really typical, to the point where they're worrisome? They are just getting annoying. Let's not have any more of these until it's time for the real thing, okay body?

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Thats crazy. Im glad that hes head down again though.

I totally know how you feel about all the false alarms and such. I have been told this whole pregnancy that I would be lucky to make it past 35 weeks, and wouldnt 35make it to 37. So, once I made it to 35 i breathed a huge sigh of relief, and stopped crossing my legs. I just assumed that all these contraction would turn into the real deal sooner than later. Then, I made it to 36 weeks where I had #2 and was excited... Especially when my doc said that I was dilating and his is engaged, all of which havent happened till I was in labor with the other 3... Well, DS1 was engaged weeks befor I had him, which is typical for your first. Since then I have had bloody discharge, mucus, lots of pain and pressure, contractions galore... including bouts in the middle of the night that wake me up...But no baby. I know that I am only 37 weeks, but with all of this going on, and everything that has happened the last 9 months, I am spent

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That is crazy! And ditto to being happy that he's staying head down!

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I thought you would understand. Smile It gets so tiring to be on the brink for weeks on end! It wasn't this way at all with DD. There was nothing to speak of until two days before she was born, and then it was obvious this was 'it'. This has been so frustrating....