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Creepy Formula

One of my FB friends told me just now to add my age at conception to the month of conception. Even=girl, odd=boy. I did for all three of my kids and it was right. Kinda creepy... lol I'm sure it's about a 50/50 outcome, but I'm just curious if it works for anyone else. So weird that it worked for all 3 of mine...oh, and it says boy for me this time!

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That IS weird! Worked for both mine too!

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Weird worked for me as well!

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With DS1 I had my last period in Sept... but I cant remember when in Sept... its been almost 7 years... but, if I o'd in Sept, its wrong, if I o'd in Oct., its right.
With DS2 my last period was the end of May, so I would have gotten pregnant in June... so nope, wrong...
With DD I got pregnant in Nov. I do believe... so, yes, it would be right.
With this one (DS3) I am not sure what month I actually o'd in, it fell at the end of feb, or begining of March. So, if I got pregnant in feb. its wrong (which I'm pretty sure is when I o'd based on timing of DTD), but if I o'd in March, then its right.

So, according to that math, I would have all girls lol... hmmm... doesnt even work if I look at it with Dh's math because he is a month younger than me

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Both numbers were even for DS and this baby, DS is obviously a boy and this one is a boy as well so it wasn't right but it's odd how the numbers are both even and they're both boys. Maybe it's opposite for me? Blum 3

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It is wong for my first son but right for the new baby

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It was right for 2 out of my 3....very cool theory. Smile