Cristiano's 4 week check up

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Cristiano's 4 week check up

Cristiano is 4 weeks and 1 day. I've been feeling like he hadn't been eating enough and was worry about my supply issue. Well that was pretty much put to rest today. Here is his stats:

Birth 10/25
Weight: 7 lbs 4 oz, 10/27-6lbs 14oz.
Height: 20.08 inches
Head: 34 cm

1 week:
Weight: 7lbs 5 oz
Height: 20 inches
Head: 34.3 cm

4 weeks
weight: 9 lbs 8 oz!!!!
Height : 21.5 inches ( not sure because the nurse stretched his leg and he moved slightly from the mark she made at his head so she guestimated.)
Head: 36.2cm

Percentiles have totally come up because he had been in the 20-30th% range.

For weight he is 45th%
Height 53%
Head 24%

I have never gone by percentiles though for my kids. I just like to see progress Smile

He has had some goo in his eye and I did get ointment so we shall see how that works.

As for me....C section is still open on my left side and 2 days ago I noticed a draining fiistula so I have to go back yet again to get this checked out. Never had issues before but now I saw infection come out so it's not something I'm willing to play with.

Theres our update!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and if you don't celebrate, a wonderful week!

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Way to grow Cristiano! Definitely no supply issue for you. Wink

Sorry to hear that you're still having issues from your c/s. Sad

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Awww... Big growing boy Smile glad hes doing well. Hoping that his eye gets better quick., as well as your section site. Doesn't sound like something I would wait on either Smile

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Way to grow Cristiano!

Sorry you are dealing with incision issues Sad

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Wow, 4 weeks already! Sounds like he is doing great! Sorry about your c/s site. Hopefully they get that taken care of for you quickly.