Current pregnancy symptoms....

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Current pregnancy symptoms....

What's yours? Anything from the first tri still hanging on? Experiencing anything new? Smile

I still have come and go nausea still. Hoping this means I'm having a girl since it was long gone by this point with DS's pregnancy! New symptoms are headaches (had them in the 2nd tri with DS too) and heartburn (eek! didn't get this with DS till closer to the 3rd). Still waiting for the 2nd tri burst of energy, though I do have a bit more energy than I did in the first. Oddly enough food smells are bothering me more now than ever before!

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I'm feeling a little more energized. Definitely don't have to nap everyday anymore, although I still could some days. No more nausea and foods are back to normal as far as cravings/aversions. My sense of smell is still heightened and the round ligament pains are more intense and frequent. And then there's the bump. Wink

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I think I might feel even worse this trimester than I did in my first. I'm definitely throwing up a lot still and I have pretty bad migraines. I lost almost 10lbs between weeks 8-12 and haven't gained any of it back but at least I'm not losing anymore. I keep waking up laying ON my stomach with a stomach ache since my bump isn't that big yet and I guess I don't stay on my side long after I fall asleep. My cravings haven't changed much because of the ms I mainly crave salty things (pretzels, pickles, olives) and orange juice. I find that I have to pee pretty much every five minutes and I always think I'm going to pee way more than I actually do which I assume is because of pressure on my bladder. With DS I felt wonderful during my 2nd trimester, so much different than this time.

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I also have the come and go nausea... well, more of a gag... also based on smells, tastes, etc. But, if i take my time getting out of bed, and eat or drink something right away, I dont actually throw up the majority of mornings now. I have a bit more energy and am getting more things done, though still needing a nap most days... or I crash by 8pm. New symptoms include possible BH's... watching that... and Praying that they dont turn into the contractions I had with the first 3. Also, I find that I get dry mouth... especially in the evenings. That, and my muscles in the top of my belly are starting to separate already Sad

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i get nauseated at night time a lot - i get like 3 good energy days, then 1 bad day where all i want to do is lay around (thats me today!) i've been lucky enough to keep consisten 30 minute walks going for 2 weeks straight, but yesterday and today have been a little rough for me to get going...
i still have an extremely hard time finding something to eat for dinner, as any & all dinner foods i once ate i have aversions too, and i also have aversions to all poultry, i haven't thrown up in over a week (but i didn't throw up a lot to begin with), so i guess i'm awaiting my 2nd trimester energy burst at this point.

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I still have a major aversion to chicken. With my other pregnancies I was ok with chicken after 12ish weeks. I can't handle even small pieces that are mixed in/disguised in a meal. Boo! I also get heartburn in the evenings.

I'm feeling more energized, but I still have some nausea. It's bad in the mornings, but as long as I don't let myself get to hungry I am ok.

That's pretty much it for me. I'm still dealing with a little acne, which SUCKS, but its manageable.

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I'm still having periodic days of serious nausea, heartburn and reflux has started and I'm still getting headaches most days... ugh.

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I'm still vomitting (and having a particularly bad day... *grumbles*), headaches, crying a lot still, and still getting dizzy here and there. I do have a bit of energy back.. I am not almost napping at my desk by 2 p.m anymore!