Diaper Bags

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Diaper Bags

I'm in the market for a new diaper bag. I would like to use it both for the baby and for Ellie's medical stuff. I have been looking at the skip hop diaper bags, but the reviews on amazon are not great. Any one have a bag they love?

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It's been a while since I had to use a diaper bag so I am really no use on one that I love, but I just got the diaper bag that was on our registry yesterday because it was half off. All the new stuff is coming into the stores so they don't make this style anymore but it's nice and big and it's on my SO doesn't mind carrying...

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I have the Skip Hop Messenger bag and it works great for us. If you looking for something that holds a lot though this is definitely not the one for you. It seems big on the outside but really doesn't hold much.

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I have a Skip Hop bag that I really like. I use it as my purse and as a diaper bag. I have had it for about 9 months or so and it has held up really well! It pretty much still looks brand new. I don't think that the style I have would work for everything that you need to carry, but I really like the brand!

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I never used a diaper bag with DS (just used larger purses), but want something bigger than a purse this time since I want to always keep a baby carrier (woven wrap) on me since there will be two kids to wear! Since I hate most diaper bags I'm thinking about getting a bag off of etsy so it'll be exactly what I want (and I have zero sewing skill to make my own).

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I ordered one off of etsy for Ellie. Very cute and it has her name embroidered on it. I am starting to think maybe I should do it again. It would be two small bags rather than one large one, but having their stuff divided might not be a bad thing.

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I am no help when it comes to diaper bags. Half the time I cant find it, and end up just using a plastic bag to throw things in as I'm rushing out the door lol.

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I also have a skip hop bag that we bought for my 3rd baby. I loved it, but I've since taught myself how to sew, so I just make my own now. We are still using the skip hop bag to store our portable car DVD system when we take long road trips...

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Last time I had an Eddie Bauer back pack and I Loved it. Unfortunately one day someone pulled a smash and grab in my car and I never found it. This tome DH has an insulated bag and I have a super comfortable messenger bag I found on clearance at Target that I'm thinking of using.