doc appt today update

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doc appt today update

I finally get my first appt today. I go in a little bit. i'll post when i get home. Smile i'm so excited

I went through all the paper work with the nurse then they gave me an ultrasound. The doc said it looks like i'm off on my dates by a few weeks. I go to the hosptial tomorrow for an ultrasound to see whats going on.

2nd update*
Well went for my ultrasound and it was good. i'm not as far along as i thought but got to see the baby and the hearbeat. so, i guess i'll be moving to the december board and i'll still lurk here. thanks girls!!

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YAY. Cant wait to hear how it goes Smile

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did they say if you were not as far as you thought, or further? I know how nerve wracking that can be sometimes.

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not as far as i thought

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Hope you have a good u/s tomorrow!

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Hope it goes well today!

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Wishing you wonderful news and a great view of your little bean today.

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Hope the u/s today brings good news!

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