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Doctor Check up Today

So I had my 6 month check up today - the glucose test and check up. Last check up i had gained 4 lbs and doc said "3 would have been better", well had my doctor's appointment been YESTERDAY i was up 3.3 lbs, somehow magically overnight i managed to gain 2.4 lbs --even with resisting every craving for lemon pie and cookies for the past 2 weeks...... so at the doctor's visit of course i heard "the weight is high, 5 lbs..." =''( i really wish this didn't bother me so much and i am doing major work to move past it but it did - i've been crying a lot today irrationally --and please don't get me wrong i know the focus is the health of baby and she is so healthy i couldn't be happier about that... i just have unfortunately based too much of my self worth on my weight since i was 15, so 11 years later, maybe i should have sought out more help, but i didn't so now i am here trying to deal with it... and every time i get upset and cry myself into a fit - i worry, am i harming baby? does she feel this stress? and then THAT makes me upset and emotional becuase i don't want to harm baby ...

anyway, i told the doctor, i walk 3-4 times a week for 40 minutes and i truly watch my diet, so she said "cut out juice", i do not drink juice (ok fine 1/2 a cup diluted with water once every week or 2, seriously).... but then she said to watch my fruit and carbs... and add 1 more day of exercise and walk for an hour if im not too tired... i'll try... but i think what frustrates me the most is, i don't know what to eat anymore ... i hate that this is even an issue, i really do.

tomorrow i will be 25 weeks and at a 21 lb weight gain (unless weight comes off by tomorrow morning which it may because i'm wondering if i was even retaining water?).... i didn't think it was THAT bad...
my blood pressure is 105/63 so thats a pretty good indicator of healthy eating habits, no?

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Birth buddies and apparently weight gain problem buddies too. Text me anytime if you wanna talk, I'm here for you.

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I seriously wouldnt consider your weight gain an issue especially since you were so small before you got preggo! Gaining weight while pregnant is normal and doctors should stop telling you that you arent doing well. I gained 6 lbs in 3 weeks and they didnt say a word to me about it! Have you thought of seeing a therapist about the issues you are still having? They are awesome at helping you work that stuff out! I know mine was great!

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Thank you so much Tiffany and Amber

Amber - I have thought about going to a therapist, in fact it got so bad around my wedding that DH and i discussed it at length and for some reason never actually went through with it... we actually thought it'd be a good idea for me to see a therapist before i got pregnant so that i wouldnt have to deal with this during a pregnancy, but we got pregnant a lot quicker than we had expected (we wanted to get pregnant this year we just didn't know it would happen on the first try).
i know it's never too late to start so we should really stop "talking" about it and make an appointment already. when i was 20 i went into counseling but out of nowhere my counselor stopped returning my phone calls and never showed up at our last appointment, my anorexia had turned into binge eating/purging and i ended up gaining a BUNCH of weight, then again, restricting and taking it off... in pregnancy i feel like i am eating the most "normal" that i ever have in my life, and i think thats why hearing that i'm any amount over is disapointing to me.
thank you for the support, it means a lot to me!

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I say tell your doctor to shove it. You started off on the smaller end, so guess what, you are going to NEED to gain more for a healthy baby/pregnancy. My doc only says anything if they worry that you arent gaining enough... or are doing drastic gains... and 5lbs in a month when you are prego is NOT drastic. Next time you go in, I really suggest turning around and not looking at the #. And, tell your doctor that you dont want to hear about it unless you arent gaining enough. It sounds to me that you are being a lot more active than, and probably eating better than, a lot of other pregnant women.

I also agree with Amber about getting in with someone. I have a history of PPD and have already started seeing mine to help keep it in check. I know that with your history of eating disorder issues you are at a higher risk for that as well. It always helps to have someone to talk to, and help when things get rough Smile

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I am blown away that your Dr is being so hard on you about weight gain! I gained a LOT with DS1 and my Dr never mentioned it a single time. 5 lbs in a month is really not that much. Sounds like you are doing just what you need for you and your baby. (((hugs)))

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"Risstopher" wrote:

Thank you so much Tiffany and Amber

Wish I could right now but my phone wasn't working right so I had to bring it in and they gave me a temp phone that is pretty ancient and it won't even let me upload my doesn't even get 3G!!! I'm lost without my EVO. I should have my phone back next week though and you will for sure hear from me more cause I don't know about you but I am starting to get bored. I feel like I am doing everything already to prepare and now I just have to sit and wait.

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Thank you so much Kier and Akmomma
Kier, i am thinking about taking a blind weight and telling my doctor that - that is what my sister and i discussed yesterday -it's a great idea and i do keep track of my weight myself so i know that i'm not going crazy and when i do it myself i don't feel like i'm doing anything wrong.

Tiffany -oh no!!! but yes, i am very bored and wouldn't mind hearing from you at all!

i hate to drone on about weight gain, especially during pregnancy when we all know it is a natural part of it, but i can never express how much the support of this board means to me and makes a difference after these dr. appts. everyone makes me feel so much better and i know it's not just bc you have to i feel like it's genuine, so thank you so much

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Sounds like your doctor is being way to strict. I gained 47 lbs with my first and my doc never said a word. My doc now told me that if her OB chastised her about her weight, she'd fire him! It truly sounds like you are doing every thing you can to be healthy. Your weight can fluctuate every day. You may have had a couple lbs of water weight. I've struggled with weight issues since I was 13 so I understand your feelings. I'm self conscious enough without someone making me feel worse. Your doc is doing more harm than good by nagging you. I think you're doing just fine mama! I agree about telling your doc that you're doing the best you can and not to bring up your weight again unless there is a REAL issue. {{{HUGS}}}

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I agree with what everyone else has said. Your doctor is being much to hard on you about weight. Please don't worry, you sound super healthy and are being active, you're body will gain what it needs to and it most likely could be extra water weight. Earlier this month I weighed myself and I had gained about 5lbs, I did again today, and I have only gained 2.5 lbs.

With my first I gained about 60 lbs (much to much for me) on the day I came home from the hospital I had weighed myself and I had already lost 35 lbs. I was all water weight.

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I lost 15lbs and haven't regained it all yet - and my Doctor is like "start eating" - I eat so much, I'm just still vomitting.

It irks me that Doctor'S are telling people they are gaining too much. Just as every woman is different, every pregnancy is different, and every baby is different! So OBVIOUSLY the weight gain will be different! Sure there's a standard "gain" if you want to be able to lose it after, but don't be hard on yourself!!

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Oh good grief, by my first 3rd tri appt I was up 30 pounds with my son! I just looked it up in my pregnancy book with him! I gained 40 overall. No one once ever said anything to me about my weight. Our bodies gain how they need to gain for a health baby - they do not follow charts. It really sounds like to me he's looking at one of those dumb online charts that says "at week 26 you should be between __ and __ pounds." When reality is you'll gain more some weeks and less (or nothing!) other weeks. Our babies don't grow at the same rate - even they have growth spurts in utero! Good grief this doctor drives me nuts focusing so much on weight (which I think yours is well within the healthy range overall) with someone who really doesn't need to hear a single thing about weight. Anyone else you can see? I would seriously think about changing OBs. It's never too late to change. You clearly aren't connecting well with this OB, so it's okay to go to someone else for the rest of pregnancy that you feel more comfortable with during appointments. ((hugs))
And yes, it is a great idea to start seeing someone about eating, self image, etc even with you being pregnant! They'll really be able to help you and guide you post partum which you will really want then. Smile

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I cannot believe your dr. is acting like that about your weight. From what you've mentioned about how much you've gained, I really don't think there's a problem at all and he's really just making it one. With both my first and second child, I put on between 50 and 60 lbs-way more than what was recommended and no one gave me trouble for it. Unlike you, I wasn't being careful-I was just totally taking advantage of wearing elastic banded pants! My glucose tests always came back fine-I just had to work out post partum more than I would've liked to. Imho, I think you're doing just fine-don't stress over what the doctor is saying. Just enjoy this time because it goes so fast! Big hugs to you!!!

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FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR!!!!!! why deal with this BS? she is questioning gaining weight between checkups? she has a screw loose! if you gained twenty pounds in a month, sure, that would be reason to worry, but five pounds? do you really want to rely on this lady as you get closer to delivering your child? if it were me, i would find another doctor who is more sensitive and practical.

good luck!

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This would irritate me as well. Don't the doctors realize we know how muchy we have gained. That is being way to strict in my opinion and every pregnancy is different. It saddens me that this doctor has put so much pressure on you.

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i know i said it before but i'll say it again - i love you girls - thank you so much for your support, i was so bent out of shape about it on friday after the appointment but i'm truly trying to put it behind me and enjoy my pregnancy and i've had a great weekend -so here's hoping i can keep this positive foot forward and take the necessary steps forward to make sure i'm the best mom i can be for my baby girl.

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I'm sorry I'm late to reply, but I completely agree with everyone else.

Normal weight gain during pregnancy (according to every major source I checked, like the American Pregnancy Association the Mayo Clinic) is 25-35 lbs. During the second trimester, normal weight gain is 1-2 lbs per week (so 5 lbs a month is perfectly normal - even 8 lbs a month is normal). And that's not even for underweight women - the recommend weight gain for underweight is 28-40 lbs. You're totally on track to do 35 lbs, not even 40. So your doctor is being absolutely ridiculous. :mad:

Seriously, have you mentioned your weight and food struggles with your doctor? I really can't believe this. Worrying about something little like 5 lbs in a month is such an outdated practice anyway (if you don't gain enough weight, your baby is more likely to be underweight, and therefore have health problems), and for your doctor to bring this up with you when you already have anxiety over weight gain is just horrible. Sad It makes me want to come find your doctor, shove some research in front of her face, and tell her to stop worrying about weight gain unless your blood pressure or blood sugar are high. :brucelee:

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I'm late replying...didn't sign on all weekend!

I 100% agree with everyone are doing GREAT and not gaining too much at ALL. It's normal for it to pick up from here on out, too. I gained 5 lbs in 2 weeks once with my others, and since I was still walking and eating right, the doctors just chalked it up to fluids. Everyone is different and what matters is that you are eating healthy and taking good care of your body and therefore your baby girl!

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I haven't read all the other posts yet, but I just wanted to tell you that 21 pounds for where you are in your pregnancy sounds totally fine to me. I am so sorry your Dr is making you feel like you are doing something wrong. I mean, everyone's body is different and everyone gains more or less than the "average" number in the books. I understand being upset about it. I would be very upset too. I have also put lots of stock in my weight in the past and I actually still get upset when I think I am "too heavy." I have never posted this but I went to treatment when I was 19 years old for anorexia so I can very much relate to how it makes you feel when someone gives you a hard time about your weight. I still have my ups and downs with it, but overall I feel like I have made a full recovery. I always ask myself when I start feeling overwhelmed by it: What is going on in my life or with me to make me feel like I have to be thin to be okay? Crap like the Dr always can trigger it, but keep in mind that it sounds like your Dr is going by the book on weight gain which isn't always a bad thing, but not everyone's body is a text book. You were thin to begin with so it makes sense that you would put on weight. And you aren't even putting on A LOT! You seriously look wonderful in your belly shots. I can't even see why she would be worried! I'm so sorry you have to deal with that.

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thank you Claire, for sharing that and your kind words! i try to sit back and look at what is going on my life too as a result of feeling this so intensely at certain times in life, that is great advice.