Dream a little dream of me...

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Dream a little dream of me...

I had a very strange dream last night. I was in this hospital that I have never been in. The LD was just 1 room with curtains they pulled across to separate the patients. I gave birth to a boy. He was so tiny. They said that even though he was full therm, that he must of not been getting enough nutrients because he was 18 inches but only 1lbs 5 oz. (in my dream he didnt look weird, just little). I went out to talk to someone and was told that they were transfering us both to another hospital that had more equipment because they wanted me to have some tests done and for the baby to be in a different nursery. I also asked the doc the chances of this happening to another baby because he was my 3rd and I wanted to have another baby someday. All of a sudden I'm carrying my baby around this different hospital. A nurse comes and takes him so that I can take a bath. At this point I am upset because I still havent nursed my baby. I get out, and go looking for him. In the nursery there are all these babies, but I cant find mine. I start to panic, but finally find him in this huge glass in closed bed at the back of the room. I pick him up, and sit and a rocker and finally nurse him. After hes done a nurse takes him and weights him and he gains 3 pounds. Then I'm in a room of my own, holding him, and my mom and sisters walk in... and thats where I woke up.

it was weird.... especially since DD is my 3rd, but didnt exist in this dream...

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That is a strange dream!

Sadly, I'm not sleeping enough to have any detailed dreams.

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That is bizarre! I'm already a crazy dreamer but dreams have gotten waaaaaay crazier in the last 3 nights...