Dream a little dream of me... part 2

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Dream a little dream of me... part 2

So, now that we are all well into the swing of the 2nd trimester, any one having any crazy dreams? or baby dreams? or any of that fun stuff?

The other night I had a dream that we were taking the kids to this museum type place that had different themed rooms. The first room we went into was castle themed. Each of our kids were older... I got handed 2 knight costumes for the boys, and then 2 princess costumes because I had 2 girls Smile

Then, last night, I had a dream that I was in the hospital because I had just had the baby. It was winter out, but I was where I am in my pregnancy now. The doctor told me that everything was fine, and the baby was doing well, and that we would be able to go home soon. I was sitting there freaking out, that it didnt make sense... that the baby was no where near term, let alone viability. I'm guessing that that dream is coming from my fear of having pre term issues now, before the baby could survive even with medical intervention. I am hoping those type of dreams stop once I get beyond 24 weeks. I do have a friend that had severe PE, to the point that she was have major seziures... they ended up taking her son by section at 25 weeks... it was a long, scary, road, but he is a happy, healthy, 3 year old boy now Smile

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Oh man I have been having some CRAZY dreams too! I wonder how my head comes up with this stuff. I dreamed about Katniss from The Hunger Games the other night. I dreamed we were all living on an RV for some reason with her, Peeta, and they had 2 twin boys that had magic powers. We were trying to defeat the Capitol. It was pretty dumb as most of mine are.

I have had one scary baby dream so far but that was it for "baby dreams." I wish I would have some good ones about this baby. It was earlier in the pregnancy and I dreamed that we lost the baby. Since we lost our last baby so late in my last pregnancy, I was devasted in the dream and thought that everyone was going to think that there was something wrong with me since it had happened again. I had to deliever at the hospital again. It was just awful. I woke up and I swear that ever since then I have surrendered the fate of this pregnancy. I don't want to worry myself sick every single day over something I only have a certain amount of control over. So sometimes I guess even bad dreams can be helpful in a way. I still hate them though.

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lol about the hunger games. I have read the books, but havent seen the movie yet.

I'm sorry about your dream of loss. I can only imagine how it felt to really go through it. Its only natural that you would be scared of it happening again. Its great that it did help you be able to let go of the worry, and just enjoy this baby Smile
ps. I doubt that anyone would ever think that something was wrong with you... I know I wouldnt

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My crazy dreams have actually been tapering off now! I was having some super crazy ones almost every night, but lately they havent been so bad!! I think that I havent dreamed in a while because I have been sleepy so crappy lately! Maybe once I acutally start getting some sleep again I will have some more crazy dreams!

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i have some crazy dreams too!

i had a dream a few nights ago that i had the baby- and he was very small -and looked really strange, but then eventually turned into a real looking baby --but my sister and mother kept taking him away and putting him in all these clothes that i didn't want him to wear yet lol... and i didn't remember giving birth at all in the dream so they had a little notebook of his weight, height, ect... but they lost it! i was crying in the dream because i just wanted to cloth and hold my own baby and i couldn't!

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I had a dream that I had a girl and she was a lot smaller than DD was. I took her to work with me and was teaching while nursing her, I had a sling which she was in pretty much all day. It was really lovely, when I woke up I wanted to go back and visit my baby!

I've also had lots of really odd dreams too!

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Mostly odd dreams. I had one baby dream in the first trimester that I'd had a baby girl but we didn't have anything for her and the doctors sent us home with low expectations of her survival but no one really cared that much and two Weeks later she just turned into glitter like a vampire and my mom brought over a baby she'd bought at the flea market. It was a two week old boy named Christopher James. She also brought in a million baby things shred bright with her, baby swing, crib bedding, play pen in this hideously ugly blue and green plaid and it all matched.

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Had my first true baby related dream last night! I dreamed that I was at 40 weeks and my water broke. I stayed home for 24 hours trying to get labor started but it never did. So then I went to the hospital and told them my water broke, but not when. And they made me stay in hopes that labor would start within 24 hours, but since I was a VBAC refused to do anything artificial to bring on labor. 24 hours after that I still had no contractions, so they wheeled me into the OR where they discovered I had magically gone to 10cm but they wouldn't let me push and have the baby because I was already in the OR. Lovely dream, huh? I actually read all of the birth stories out of Ina May's book last night, so I guess that spurred the dream.

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hehe this is fun!
Dreams really annoyed me the first trimester, but they seem to have eased up somewhat.
It's kind of funny because I always dreamed about boys when I was preggo with DS and this time I always dreamed of girls- even though I didnt want to believe I would actually have a girl.

I've had some bad dreams- Kevin cheating on me, or even worse I dreamed I cheated on him the other night, I was "drunk" so it blacked out the whole cheating event in my dream- I just woke up and had known I'd cheated- and he was SOOOO SADDDD and was going to go to seattle for the day... was really sad!!!! Maybe since we just got married a week ago it made me think of stupid stuff like that while I slept!! ugh!! I hate feeling depressed when I wake up!

I also hate dreams where the baby is born early Sad

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I had a dream Frday night that I went into labor NOW... and yet he was fine. 5 lbs 4 oz and healthy. They said some babies come early. I was freaking out (in my dream) cause we were (irl) going to the coast the next day and I wanted to make sure that my doctors were okay with it. They said go, leave him here or take him with you. It makes no difference. But I had to come up with a name right then and there if I wanted to take him. Then I woke up....