At the Dr's now : )........

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At the Dr's now : )........

I just saw the Dr. For a consultation. He is putting me on Crinolin Gel (progesterone) and i will be going back for an ultrasound on march 30th. Also I am having my blood drawn to check my hcg levels & Progesterone level. I am feeling really good about this pregnancy!! My symptoms have been super strong!! The strongest in all of my 6 pregnancies! I hope its because its twins!! :- )

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I hope so too! We need some twins on this board!! Sending lots of sticky vibes your way!!

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Better you than me on the twins part, lol! Congrats!

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I'll pass on twinnies, but fingers crossed for you! Yay for a good appt! My u/s is next Friday. I can't wait!

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Hehe yay!! Sounds good!! I guess I'm the only one whose joining you on wishing for twins!! On my U/S the yolk sack looked like another baby and she said "dont worry, it's just one" and I was like "dang!!!!!" heheheh

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I'm totally wishing for twins too, but I know it's not going to happen. No twins in my family EVER. But if we had 6 kids we we be forced to get something bigger than a mini van. Haha. I'm not all that thrilled about sqeezing 5 kids into our little van. It's way too tight!

I hope your hunch is right! We do need twins on this board!

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Yay for good days, and good appts Smile My husband was joking that maybe I have twins in there, with all the growing pains I've had. I told him that I would castrate him myself if there were lol. I have a hard enough time with one baby in there, dont know how I would be able to do 2... or where there would be room (I am 4ft 9in tall ;p)

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Glad it went well and you have a scan set.

I too am having twin feelings. I didn't have them with my other 2 pregnancies so I can't wait for the ultrasound to see whether its 1 or 2. I don't have any reason to suspect (don't have twins in my family or anything) but I just feel really weird.