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Due Date

So today is my original due date! Bria is doing great! My parents took us out for dinner tonight and then I went and spent some time with Bria. She is 3 lbs and 4 oz now! We are only 12 oz away from her coming home! She is still getting to do bottle feeds every other feeding! She would def do bottle feeds every time if they let her, but she has to maintain her blood sugars a little better before they will let her do that! She is actually fitting into her preemie clothes now! Its so exciting! I just cant wait to have her home!

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YAY! Sounds like she's doing great. Smile

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Those 12 OZ will be on her before you know it! Smile Can't wait to hear about her home coming! :clappy:

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oh thats great! sounds like she's doing very well and she should put that weight on in no time!

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Yay! That's awesome news.

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So glad to hear she is doing well and gaining!!

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I'm so glad to hear she is doing so well! I agree with PPs, she will gain those 12oz before you know it! Smile