Experienced a new symptom this morning (TMI).....

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Experienced a new symptom this morning (TMI).....

I have experienced this before but only towards the end of my last full term pregnancy. I woke up from a dream having an orgasm. I can't believe it happened so early in the pregnancy. My dream wasnt even a sex dream!! It is crazy!!!

Has this happened to any of you before??

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Never happened to me, but I must admit I wouldn't mind it happening to me Wink

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LOL I used to have this happen to me when I was pregnant with DS, but I was further along - I don't remember it happening until at least well into my second trimester.

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Why is it that I get all the crappy symptoms/side effects, and non of the fun ones like that Sad lol. Right now my libido is barely existent. Though, a lot of that could be me being nervous about M/Cing since I'm early on... once I see that everythings ok I'm sure itll get better. A lot of my friends had an increased sex drive during their pregnancies... not me. I think it was the best with DD in the beginning (after my dating ultrasound), but even that wasnt as high as my normal. With each of my kids I had to stop having sex all together once my preterm contractions started. Hoping that I get some fun symptoms/side effects this time around Wink

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This has happened to me plenty of times when I wasn't pregnant. Lol. Seems that it happens around the time I O and happened way more when we were trying. I don't think it's happened since I've been pregnant though. Weird...you'd think if I already had that stuff happen it would happen more now. Haha. It's not the worst symptom to have though for sure. Lol.