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Well they called me back today already with my glucose test results and as you can see from the title I failed. The cutoff is apparently 135 and mine was 137. Now I have to go in on Thursday morning for the 3 hour. I was like seriously you can't let it slide?! It's only 2 points but they won't budge. If I remember correctly I failed with DD but only by 1 and I can't remember if I did the 3 hour or not now. On a side not my DD has been getting high fevers every now and again since Thursday, close to 104, but no symptoms. Every time I asked her she said she felt fine. Well she slept awful last night and I noticed this morning she looked a little off and sure enough she had a fever again but said she felt fine. So I looked up what it could be and someone said something about their kid having a rash, and wouldn't you know she had it all over her neck and chest but very little and little bumps. So got her into the urgent care after hours at her pediatrician and they said her throat was red and swollen so they did a culture( first for her and of course she hated it) and it turns out she has SCARLET FEVER!!! WTF?! I thought that stopped coming around in like the 1800's lol.

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Yikes about your DD! It's not uncommon just not something you'd think of.

And it's sooooo common to fail the 1 hour test. I'm sure there will be a few on here who will and most will pass the 3 hour just fine.

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Eeek, sorry DD has Scarlett fever, it's not pleasant! It's very common here, most of the kids in my class had it last term.

As for you, when do you go for 3 hour? Hopefully it's all good!! Biggrin

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I go in tomorrow morning for my 3 hour

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Sorry about failing the 1 hour, but I'm sure you'll pass the three hour. That sucks that DD has scarlet fever. Hopefully she is feeling better soon.

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Lurker - I failed my 1 hour by 2 points and passed my 3 hour with flying colors!

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"harlee629" wrote:

Lurker - I failed my 1 hour by 2 points and passed my 3 hour with flying colors!

I'm pretty positive I will pass it just sucks I have to go in and hang around for 3!

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It does suck but you'll get through it. Thinking of your DD and you. Hope you pass the second test.

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Ugh that really sucks!! I cant believe they are making you do the 3 hr because of 2 measely points!! That really sucks! I am sure that you will pass and be just fine! I do mine next month and am not excited at all!

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Yuck. GL on thursday, though if you only failed by a tiny bit I bet you will be fine Smile I know plenty of people who failed by just a little bit and then passed the 3 hr with flying colors

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Yeah, you are right about that part!!

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Sorry about your DD! Hope she is better soon! I ALWAYS fail the 1 hour but have only failed the 3 hour once with DS3. Hope you passed with flying colors!