Failed the one hour

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Failed the one hour

So I failed the one hour test by 30 points. I have to go back on Thursday to take the three hour. I really think it was because I ate breakfast.

I normally have always taken my tests fasting so I am hoping it was just because I made a bad breakfast choice before taking the test. I had a quick small bowl of Life cereal, which has sugar, milk with sugar, then the sugar drink, then ran out of the house to make it to the hospital on time.

So on Thursday I get to hang out at the hospital for four hours. I'm going to bring a book and get some quite me time though, so that's a plus!

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I was allowed to eat before my 1 hour, but I was given a list of things that were okay to eat and not okay to eat. Most cereals were not on that list. I ate 2 scrambled eggs. Enough to keep my stomach happy so I could make the hour drive there. And if it makes you feel better, the 1 hour really isn't the most accurate test. I've heard of more and more practices going to a 2 hour test only. Some practices allow you to eat normally and test your numbers a few times and then report back to them.
Hopefully the 3 hour goes MUCH better for you!

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Lurker....I was told not to fast either (and I didnt last time) but was told not to eat anythign too sugary beforehand. She said that can give a false positive.

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I was told it was ok and in fact good to eat some protein before the test (bacon, eggs, etc) but no carbs. Cereal definitely could have impacted your results. Enjoy your quite time and I hope you pass the 3 hour with flying colors!

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Like others said, I didn't have to fast, but didn't eat anything with sugar either (even coffee creamer) just in case. Hopefully that is all that it was that gave you the positive test and you'll pass the 3 hour no problem!! I will admit, 4 hours of "me" time sounds pretty awesome to me right now, even if it's not ideal that you have to go for the test.

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Sorry to hear about the test results, but YAY for me time. I barely remember what that is like lol