Favorite baby item?

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Favorite baby item?

It's way to quiet around here! Time to liven things up a bit!

Anyone have a favorite item for baby?

We have the Fisher Price Newborn Rock n Play Sleeper and I LOVE it! We keep it in the living room most of the time. It's a convenient place to set Callie if I need to put her down for just a minute. It was also a life-saver when she had to be on the bili blanket! Two friends bought it off of our registry for my baby shower.


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I ordered a "Woombie" instead of a SwaddleMe and OhDearGoodness I'm so glad I did! It has improved Marek's nighttime sleeping even more than it already was. I would use it for naps too if I could predict when they would happen LOL

The Woombie is the safest, most natural way to swaddle your baby.

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That Woombie looks pretty cool! Piper has outgrown her swaddleme's and is spinning in bed during the night, so no more swaddling for her. Sad

I'd say my favorite item is the bouncer. It vibrates, which seems to soothe her. And it has a bar that snaps on and off with toys, lights and music.

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I don't know what I'll do without Carson's Swaddlemes, it's definitely helped him stay asleep longer but I'm really hoping he outgrows his startle reflex before that happens.

My favorite baby item has to be our swing, it's motor is wearing out because it's been used so much (it's the same one we used 5 years ago with DS1) and with how fast Carson is growing IDK if I can justify buying a new one.

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Our favorite baby item is probably the little crusin motion soother. It's like a bouncer but it moves and sounds like your in a car. Definitely helped us during fussy episodes! He hasn't used it too much lately as he wants to be up and on the lap more.

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I have never seen the Cruisin Motion Soother before, just googled it. That's really neat! Callie likes being in our truck and was great on our 12 hour trip at Christmas. She would love that bouncer if it sounded like a diesel engine! Biggrin

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Probably his play mat. He loves it so much!

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hmmm... its a toss up here. The swing, my sling (though I havent gotten to use it very much... come one spring) or the giraffe floor mat that he got for xmas.

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bouncer, swing and pacifire!!!

the bouncer is a great place for kyla to be when i'm cooking, or cleaning - i can bring her in any room with it - she even falls asleep in a lot. the swing calms her down anytime that nothing else will... and she just loves her binkie!

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My favorite is my carriers since they get used so very, very much. lol
Zoe LOVES her fisher price infant to toddler rocker though. I've connected a couple of extra toys to the bar and she has a great time yanking on them and flirting. It's the one place I can (mostly lol) safely sit her down when needed downstairs.
Now I love her swing. We keep it upstairs and just use it for sleeping. It keeps her upright enough when her reflux is bothering her and keeping her awake.

A lot of the baby contraption items I used with my son I haven't found very necessary this time around and I've been selling them off. I even sold my stroller.