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feeling better

hi everyone, i am feeling better this weekend. earlier this week, i wrote how i was feeling depressed/anxious regarding the birth of baby boy #2 and the adjustment to having a newborn and brand new family member. i am feeling better now because i have been able to take a nice long break this weekend. yesterday, i spent the day knitting. i am nearly done with a baby blanket for little river. it is not the world's most lovely blanket, lol. it is actually quite a mess but i am so happy to have it for him. we are not making a nursery for him like we did with son #1. we are just planning to use a cosleeper and then later have him share a room with his older brother. having the blanket nearly done makes me feel like i am making a space for him in this world. i also went out to a baby clothing store yesterday and bought him three pairs of newborn leg warmers and one pair of regular leg warmers. i remember these came in handy during the early days with darling boy #1 because he didn't like to be on the changing table.

i think i really, really, REALLY needed a break and some time to just space out.

also, i have started listening to my birthing meditation cds. for you first time moms, these things are great. if you have itunes, a great recording is "surfing for birthing" by shawndeya. it's all guided meditation and positive affirmations.

i know that i may feel depressed/anxious again soon (maybe even today) but i feel like i have had such a nice break this weekend and am now starting to feel happy excited--not just negative.

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I'm glad that you are starting to feel better about everything. Dont worry if some of the anxiety/worries return... hormones are great at getting us all out of whack. I def. think that doing things to prepare for the new arrival, whether its setting up a bed, buying outfits, washing clothes, what ever, def. helps me to focus on the pos. of what is coming Smile And, I bet the blanket is Beautiful, and that he will LOVE it no matter what because his mommy made it for him Smile

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I'm so glad you are feeling better! Sounds like a break from the grind was just what you needed Smile Getting things done for your little one has got to feel nice, too. I'm sure his blanket is beautiful Smile

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I'm so happy to hear your starting to feel better and finding ways to deal with your emotions! that is wonderful!

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Glad to hear you are feeling better and got some time to re-center yourself!