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feels like...

I have no stomach left... I Can't eat a whole meal anymore... I have to eat tiny portions, that end up hurting me because I have absolutely no room left... AT 22 WEEKS. I have like 1/4 of a bowl of cereal and I'm in pain. Not even one package of oatmeal, I can't do it, etc. or I throw up.

I also wake up some mornings and I am in so much weird pain, I can't even describe it. It goes away after I Walk it out (the pain is right directly above a hip, either or, depends on the morning)

Is it November yet??? Sad

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I am right there with you. It's awful!

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He better be cute when he gets here, or I will give his bum a little tap after the doctor does... LOL.

Considering baby is a total miracle, I'll put up with it all. But, seriously.

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im right there with you. i also find that nothing sounds good to me. I think that has a lot to do with the heart burn i am also having. I am guessing that the pain in your side is ligament related. I have that too its like they try to seize up every now and the. I also have the added fun of having a hard time breathing when I'm laying down... Wee Dude likes to push his little but or feet up against my ribs, so I am sure that that is why that is happening Sad

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It sucks to even say this but I am SO glad I am not alone, haha.

Everything sounds good - I want to eat everything. Root beer floats. Cheesecake. Chicken. Hamburger.

I haven't been able to eat HOT meat since I was about 8 weeks pregnant... I have to wait until it cools down completely (like put in freezer for 5 minutes) before I Can eat it. But give me a greasy burger from A & W or McDonalds and I can eat it. What is up with little guy?

I'm not sure if it's ligament pain because of where it is, but this is my first time around so it could be. Little guy seems to be growing and moving (I know his schedule and was freaking out a bit today when he changed it... but he was up late last night excited when he heard daddy's voice for the first time all week -- SO cute!) so I'm not too concerned. But. November can't come soon enough-- and even then, December is probably when he will come...

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I feel this way sometimes but other times I can eat a huge meal and be just fine!! I know that the time is coming soon to where I wont be able to eat much so I am enjoying still being able to eat most of the time while I still can!

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I feel this way too. I can only eat small meals. Then I'm hungry soon after! Ugh.