Fetal Hiccups
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    Default Fetal Hiccups

    Anyone else feel like their baby has the hiccups all the time?? Mine seems to have them several times a day now. It's strange because I never once felt them with my 1st DS. I'm not saying that he never had them, but I never could tell or feel if he did. I always wondered what it would feel like for him to get them. So it's funny that now this baby has them several times a day. It is very cute and in a way it's actually kind of helpful because it helps me be able to tell what position he is in when he's having them.
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    Nice! Aiden had them frequently. This child? Just a handful of times total. It does help me determine her current position since right now I jokingly call her octopus baby because she goes through spurts where she moves so much I can't tell her position any longer!

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    My little guy has been having them since 14 weeks (we saw via ultrasound... feeling them since about 20 or so weeks??? All my kids got them a lot. My mom said that I did too when she was pregnant with me
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    3-4 times a day! This guy gets them a LOT! yesterday was 4 times that I counted. And I can also tell where he is, but he's been head down since 29 weeks.
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    This guy get's them in the evenings. It's actually one of the funniest feelings I think because it tickles!
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    Kostas had the hiccups almost on a daily basis from this point until the end. He was also head down from 26 weeks on. I have only felt a few hiccups with Cricket and he has been spending most of his time transverse. I don't know if there is a correlation but interesting nonetheless.
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