A few new pictures!

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A few new pictures!

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she is beautiful, just precious!!!!

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Aww little sweetheart!! It's almost unreal how tiny she is, but she looks like she's doing great! Beautiful little girl!

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"haysmama" wrote:

Aww little sweetheart!! It's almost unreal how tiny she is, but she looks like she's doing great! Beautiful little girl!

Tell me about it! I was pretty freaked out the first time that I held her!

Thanks girls! I think she is a sweetie too! She is up to 1lb and 14.5oz now! Only another ounce and half until we hit 2 lbs!

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What a precious little girl! I love the one of her holding her paci - so sweet!!

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Those are adorable photos, she is so tiny!

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So cute. That soother is so big compared to her face but in reality I know how small those soothers really are. Make sure you keep it to remember how tiny she really was. 7 years later I forget how little my guy was.

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She looks so alert, especially for a baby that tiny! What a sweetheart. Smile

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I can not get over how little she is. Grow baby grow Smile

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She's so beautiful! That soother really puts her size into perspective! Wow. Hope she keeps gaining and doing well. Smile

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Such a sweetie! I know how happy you must be that she's getting so close to 2 pounds. I was over the moon when Sam go to three and four pounds and now 5 pounds

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What a sweetie! She's so alert! Praying she puts on weight quickly!

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what a beautiful little girl. congratulations! i hope she continues to gain, gain, gain.

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Awwww love her!

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:lurk: That is one GORGEOUS baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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She's simply beautiful. Keep growing baby girl!

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She is so precious! It's amazing how small she is, but she still looks so alert and happy. Smile

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She's so tiny