Finally at a computer to post birth story and pic heavy

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Finally at a computer to post birth story and pic heavy

It's a short birth story but here it is... On Wednesday October 17th I had my weekly checkup and my new Doctor wanted an u/s so they could get an estimate of his size to determine when and how I was going to deliver. She wanted me to get in that day but the earliest I could get in was the next morning on the 18th. So I went in at 8:30 AM to the MFM Doctor for them to do the u/s. He was measuring close to 10lbs and I had a lot fluid. So after that they wanted to monitor me. I was having contractions already and he was having some decels. So they told me to wait out in the waiting room for a few. They called me back and called my Doctor and she said because of everything and I was already showing signs of early labor that she was at the hospital doing c-sections for that day so to come over to the hospital straight away and I was having the baby that day. I started freaking out because she said it had to be by c-section and because of my anxiety I was starting to have panic attacks already. I called up my SO and let him know and to tell his work I was coming to get him. Then we went home and got our stuff and showed up at the hospital around 2. We had to wait till they had a temporary room set up where they had me sign all the paperwork, put in my IV, take some blood, put in my catheter in...ouch! and had to shave where the incision was going to be lol. I'd say around 4-5 they had my room ready and moved me to there. My mom and daughter were going to wait around but 8 PM rolled around and she had school the next day so I told them to just go and we will call them. At 8:12 they wheeled me into the OR. It took them a while to get my spinal in. They kept messing up. Finally they got it in and got to work. I started feeling really sick and I was about to throw up so they gave me meds for that. I was so sick I don't even remember my SO coming in. My BP was dropping and I almost passed out but then I heard them say ok a little pressure and I heard him cry and my SO kept saying OMG he's here, he's here...he's so cute. I could here the baby cry in the distance. Gideon Maxwell was born at 8:44 PM at 9lbs 1oz and 18 1/2" long. Now for some more pics...Sorry for pic sizes, they are off my Facebook.

Daddy feeding Gideon:

Getting his tan on:

Halloween costume:

He takes his bottles shaken not stirred:

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He's a cutie! TFS all the pictures. Smile

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What a day. Im glad it all went relatively well. He is so dang cute!!!

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He is adorable! Congrats again and TFS all the pics! Smile

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Such a handsome little man! Thanks for sharing pics and the birth story-enjoy him!! Smile

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too freaking cute!!!!!!!!!!! love his halloween costume!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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He is so handsome!!

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Cute! Thanks for sharing and he's adorable Biggrin congrats again!

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Thanks so much everyone

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Congratulations, what a cutie!