Finally have my gender results!

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Finally have my gender results!

We had our anatomy scan today. It was great! Everything looked great too. They want me to come back in a month for another u/s because they aren't sure if they are going to change my due date or not since the baby is measuring a little small. That actually makes sense to me because I think my due date is already a little off of my LMP. And now for the big news:

IT'S A BOY!!!!

His name is Griffin Benjamin

I am sorry I can't upload my u/s pics because I am at work, but I will try to add them tonight or tomorrow. I am so happy. I love little boys. DS will have a little brother.

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Woo hoo! That is great!! Congrats on a healthy baby boy!!

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Congrats on the boy and glad to hear everything looks good!!! Maybe another ultra sound, that is cool too Wink

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Yay! Congrats!

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Yeah for another boy!

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YAY! congrats. Smile

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Congrats on your little boy!! Great name, too!

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Congratulations on your little BOY!!!... i love the name! I've always loved Benjamin! Smile

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YAY!!! Congrats on another boy Smile

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Congrats on a healthy baby boy!!

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I am so excited for you!

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Congrats on the BOY!. So much team blue!