FINALLY heard the heart beat!

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FINALLY heard the heart beat!

I had my regular monthly visit to OBGYN and she used the doppler this time, so I FINALLY heard the heart beat for the first time ever!!! Biggrin
It was 151 bpm she said, she said that it was great and everything looked perfect! I am SOOOO HAPPY and everything feels so much different now after actually hearing the heart beat! I have an ultra sound on Wednesday, now I just want to go to sleep and wake up and it be Wednesday already! DH will come with on Wed so he'll get to see the baby and hear it too this time!

Funny thing, I was NEXT to be called in to see the doctor, and then they tell us the Dr. had to run out to deliver a baby and she'd be back in 45 minutes. I really didn't mind because in November that'll probably be me! I knew I was going to hear the heart today so I figured I'd wait forever for that!

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YAY!!!! Its the best sound ever isnt it? I wish I had another ultrasound soon. I had a dating one at 6 weeks, but my next isnt till July... which will be our anatomy one.

I feel the same way about my OB. I got so frustrated hearing my friends complain about their long wait blah blah blah when they were pregnant and had the same OB that I did. With my first 2 he was the ONLY actual OB at our clinic (there were other general pracs that also delivered, and one midwife) so, of course he was SUPER busy. Then, with my last, he had a partner, so it was a bit better... but still, people complained. They always had the option of seeing one of the other docs, but were so ticked because they didnt choose that doctor to not see him every appt blah blah blah. This time around I chose the other OB just because her hrs are a bit more flexible, and easier to get in with, and I can go after DH gets home.

Any who I'm with you. Why complain? If they are busy, obviously they are good. And, soon, that will be you delivering and personally, I would rather wait for a regular appt than to push Wink

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Yay! Glad you finally heard the heartbeat. Smile

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YAY sounds like a great appointment! Biggrin So glad you got to hear a strong healthy heartbeat and get to see/hear it again so soon.

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Hooray!! Yahoo I hope you enjoy your u/s today. KUP