Finally, something!

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Finally, something!

I had my doctor appointment today and I am finally dilating, ...only 1 cm - LOL - so i know i still have a ways to go, but at least it's something! I haven't had any contractions or anything like that yet though, doctor says baby is much lower and in a good birthing position, so that sounds promising!

doctor also says she really doesn't think i will go past my due date and with how short and soft my cervix is already she predicts a fast labor, so she said i should go to the hospital even if i'm not sure what i'm feeling when i feel it.

we shall see!

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Yay!!! Sending you labor vibes. Come out little girl come out Smile I know that it would throw a wrench into your plans, but I think a turkey day baby would be awesome!!! Smile

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yea we aren't doing a regular thanksgiving day anyway due to the fact that we don't want to travel anywhere with me this pregnant and my dad is working (he's retired but works at a football stadium so he has to work on thanksgiving) - my mom and sister are just supposed to come up with food and cook so that i don't have to go anywhere and i can be comfortable whether i'm pregnant or had the baby, at this point the biggest dilemma is my mom "should i defrost the turkey?" LOL... we can always do thanksgiving another day Smile i just went for a walk hoping to move things along haha

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Sounds positive! Smile

I bought a ham because I wasn't sure about a turkey because once defrosted it supposedly has to be cooked within 2 days. Guess I'll have a Chrstmas turkey this year. lol

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Good luck, I hope she shows up soon! We (me DH and DS) did Thanksgiving on Sunday just in case Carson decides to show up today or tomorrow.

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Sounds good. Smile Only 9 more to go!

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you can do it Marissa. We didn't have a turkey either. i was too afraid if i did a full thanksgiving we‘d have a baby that day. we just did a pot roast in the crock pot.