First appointment!

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First appointment!

I loved it so much! I have been with a group of midwives+ hospital for my first two births and I really wanted something more intimate this time around. I have found the PERFECT birthcenter and midwife and I am over the moon excited! We toured the facility today and it is seriously like a 5 star hotel. I can't imagine a more beautiful or comfortable place to have a baby! King size bed, full jetted tub, standing shower with a sauna-style chair in it, victorian decor & marbel countertops? Don't mind if I do! Plus I can birth IN the tub there, which I wasn't allowed to do at the hospital. I had to get out when it was time to push and that was really jarring.

And the checkup was great! We talked for about an hour and it was just so fulfilling. Then she did a physical exam and didn't even have to poke around long at all to find my uterus. She said it's a good 3-4 fingertips above my pelvic bone and very prominent. She suspects nothing but great things! They'll do an HCG workup just for good measure since I had a M/C in the summer and that'll help me know that I'm for sure on track. Anyway, I'm just so thrilled to have taken such a wonderful step down a new path! The next checkup is at 10 weeks (april 4th) for the HB with the doppler. Unless I start having weird bleeding or cramping or anything, I am choosing not to do any other USes aside from the 20 week because I just know way too many women who have had BAD news from early ultrasounds, freaked out and worried for a week, only to come back and see everything is fine. My midwife totally agrees; it's inaccurate way too often and who needs that kind of stress if there are no other indicators that something might be wrong?! (IMO)
Anyway, three cheers for midwifes and birthcenters! AND for sweet squishy babies!

I wish you luck as you all start with your first appts and whatnot and for those waiting on BFPs!

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So glad you had a great appt! I LOVE my OB as well (and the hospital where I deliver was just renovated- finished right after my last birth, lol)! I have always had my first appt around ten weeks, so I suspected that again, but I guess now they do a 6-8 week ultrasound, so I have that appt first, 3/23.

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Sounds like a great experience. I'm looking into a birth center next time around. I want to home birth but I don't think I can stand the stress of making sure my house is presentable for company at a moment's notice!

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Ooh, I'm jealous! I had a wonderful natural hospital birth with my daughter last time with a MW practice, and I intend to stick with them this time. However, they are opening a birth center (the only one within hours from us) in March. So I'm going to miss it by like 4 months. Sad

But I'm glad you had a great appointment!

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Thats great!!! So glad that your appt went so well!! I wish we had some birthing centers around here. They call the one here a birthing center, but its in the hospital and it is not natural childbirth friendly at all!

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Glad to hear your visit went so well and that you have access to a nice birthing center!

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Wow! Sounds like an amazing place to bring a life into this world. I've chosen to use a midwife but I don't think we have a birthing centre near where I live (near Toronto, CAN). I'll be having our baby in a hospital with a midwife.

Glad to hear that you're going that route. How exciting!!!

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So glad it went well! Sounds like great place to give birth!

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i'm glad you have such an awesome midwife and a nice place to deliver your next baby. the closest birthing center for me is an hour away. too far. but, i would love to have that experience over a hospital any day.