First Appointment

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First Appointment

I had my first appointment yesterday! Using my dates, they said my EDD is November 28th. Using ultrasound measurements, they said that my EDD is November 26th. So, I guess I'll stick with November 27th. lol. She couldn't measure the heart rate, but we could see it clearly! Smile

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YAY Smile I was told that with how small the heart is at this stage that its hard to get a good/accurate reading. If you breath, if the person's hand isnt steady, etc., it can interfear with the ultrasound and make it hard to capture. It sounds like a great appt. Smile

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Sounds like a fantastic appt! Smile

My first appt isn't till next week and it's driving me nuts! lol

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Glad it went well. Smile

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Glad it went well! Smile I have to wait until the 30th for mine. grrr. lol

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Glad things went well for you!!! The tech had a hard time measuring my babies hb today and i am 11 wks!! Def any move by you or the tech can mess things up so easily!